Where to Buy Bath Salts

[UPDATE 9/18/2012]

Bath Salts are a RIP OFF and the ban SUCKS.

I recommend doing some research.


Pentedrone. Here (you’re welcome):


[UPDATE] Bath salts are illegal and cannot be bought online.

I’ve found some problems buying bath salts in stores, besides just the jacked up prices. A lot of the bath salts sold in stores are fake. Yeah that’s right, fake. Ever since Herbal Incense blew up with K2, vendors have making fake products. I’ve tried K2 several times from several stores and I don’t think any of it was ever real, because it never even slightly made me high. I never got high from it untill I ordered it from their website. And now I’m finding the same thing with brand name bath salts in stores.

Toolbags try to print up labels that look like the brand names, and then they just fill the bag with chemicals like caffeine and lidocaine. And they’re charging retarted prices for this garbage.

I’m seeing almost all the good name brands being faked.


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391 Responses to Where to Buy Bath Salts

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  3. Danya Jackson says:

    OMG. I have been buying White Horse from a convenient store in Ohio. I thought they were decent, but after they started carrying Love Bath Salts, I couldn’t believe the difference! My boyfriend and I took a bath in these all night and I felt great in the morning.

  4. Maruk says:

    Holy shit these are insane!! Been rollin’ balls for hours. Just heard of this brand of Bath Salts. I really didn’t really know where to buy bath salts, but you can order these jokers online. I’m on them right now. Rollin’ balllzzzz bitches!

  5. Krystal says:

    Found this one searching on google and got it because I liked the name. I just ordered one bag to test. This stuff is AMAZING. Seriously the whole time I could only think to myself, this has to be X. The rush made my eyes wide with an occasional tear of happiness and my mouth clenched in a cheshire cat grin for about four hours. This stuff really made me examine my relationships with others to a super deep level. I definitely poured my heart out to my boyfriend who did the other half of the bag with me. We talked for hours and finished with the BEST sex of our lives, which was super funny because he was so skeptical of the whole idea of doing them and thought they were going to be like the stuff we bought at the store, which cost twice as much and didn’t even work. It was so funny at the end of our bedroom session he was like, “and THAT’S why they call it Love!” and we seriously could not stop laughing for like fifteen minutes. Overall I would rate this “bathing experience” a ten because not only did I feel amazing the entire time, but I slept well that night and felt normal the next day, unlike real X. Definitely got the ten pack this time because its like $50 cheaper.

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  10. Curby says:

    I orderew one of these and its mefadrone its ok

  11. elaine says:

    where can i buy them around seymour indiana

  12. mike says:

    I would like to try this out but I’m skeptical if these things are real. Where do I go to get them?

  13. roscoe says:

    for those of you buying online, are you concerned about your name being associated with salts if they become illegal in your state? Also, what method of payment are you using?

    • Mike Mcrae says:

      I’m not concerned about my name when ordering unless the DEA has a federal ban- which they do not. State laws don’t concern other states.

      I ONLY pay through Alertpay, which is Canadian and very cool for things like this, unlike paypal, which will rat you out.

      I am stocking up while I still can… national ban is around the corner and the good stuff won’t be around long

      • T-baby says:

        enough reading.. i need a bath right now.. whats the site email me please i live in florida baths r banned here,,

      • Minnie says:

        Help me out! Just banned here in NY a few weeks ago and don’t know where to order from. I would like to stock up too! Help!

  14. Need to find nearest place to buy bathsalt.live in new haven ind.started doing salts about 4 months ago.at first 2 times a week but for 3 months everyday!from first snort oh fuck ya!and i said i have been waiting 4 this 4 about 15 years.got off meth.i havent had any in 2 days really hurting.my lady got busted 6 days after they band please someone make my whole day and nite.here text me fuck email 2608048342.

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  16. Eric says:

    What are the best bath salts, I like happy times

  17. Heartbroken says:

    Please, please, please be careful you guys. I know that it seems like a better option to choose “legal” drugs, but the danger of this drug makes it not worth it.

    There was a fuenral service yesterday here in downtown Phoenix for one of our nearest and dearest, after he killed himself while on this drug. There was probably not a soul at that funeral that hasn’t done some kind of drug. We aren’t teetotalers, we are all tolerant of anyone’s choice to alter their reality. I support the legalization of safe drugs. This is not a safe drug. This drug can kill you.

    Please understand I am not judging anyone here. There are so so many other drugs that do not have these effects. Please do your research and consider the consequences…I can not overstate how devestating this drug can be. I am heartbroken by this drug.

    • Mike Mcrae says:

      That drug was MDPV and it is cheap and poisonous. The better bath salts NEVER use MDPV which is what leads to suicidal and homicidal delusions. make sure your product does NOT CONTAIN MDPV! it could save your life

  18. Teresa says:

    I’m the mother of a son who took his life while using bath salts. He was 33 yrs & my only child. For me this is not some story on line or newpaper article this is real it happened. Please think of your family & friends. What they would feel if something happens to you. What would you feel if you loose a friend. And as someone else has said, do your reseach. Check out what your taking, how much,& when. I wish I could say I don’t mean to preach but what ever it takes to keep someone alive. I’m not a goody 2 shoes by any means. Someday they may legallize drugs. You would know whats , whats but untill then please use caution. Watch over each other. I’m sorry that weed is not legal. I will always miss my baby.

    • Bath Salt Drug Info says:

      Very sorry for your loss. I’ve had 3 friends/family members take their lives under the influence of alcohol and/or prescription medication. In fact one of them was prescribed the drug Zoloft which made him considerably worse until he took his life. Another friend of mine killed a husband/father of 2 children while he was high on marijuana and driving. The drugs associate with bath salts are very powerful drugs. If you take large amounts of it, you will lose control, combine that with pre-existing conditions of depression and addiction, tragic things will happen. Once again I am sorry for your loss, we have all been hurt by family and friends with addiction problems.

      • jessica says:

        Marijuana doesn’t make people murderers. whatever he was smoking it wasn’t mary. I been using marijuana. for years. never have I had suicidal thoughts, homicide thoughts, or seen dead bodies or nothing like that. there’s no withdraw symptoms and you don’t come “down” desperately craving more. stick to the good stuff people. marijuana is Proven to relax muscles in a healthy way. people don’t kill people when there “on marijuana”. trust me.

  19. Ryan says:

    I got some laced salt today. I got an acid high, plus because of the bath salt, I tried to throw myself in to traffic. Claiming I hated my life and needed to die. Glad I have some kick ass friend to save me. How was everyone elses fucked up day?!

    …what’s a good place to get more salt xD regular salt though. I dint need anymore acid.

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  21. BlueDooRag says:

    I feel bad cuz i read on here sumbody parent type that dey chile die from bath salts. But does they think dey chile wont had did other drugs if they had wanted to.
    I got cuzins that smoke str8 crack dope every day and erbody no that bath salts coss less but dey like dat crack betta. Jus gettn the drug away from tha ppl dont fix dey ppl problems. When ppl like 2 do drugs dey find otha drug they like when it gone.
    Insted of spendin dey time typin stuff 2 ppl who like bath salts dey need 2 b lookin afta da ones dey still gots wit dem.

    • LaLa Baby says:

      Dayum boo you is philosophical I love it. Maybe you could send me your email number? We would have fun 2gether

  22. Jusicca says:

    What is th BathSalt that is most like cocain or meth? no trippy shit … i dont like acid or shrooms. And is there any legal pill or powder that is similar to xanex?? &hearts& J*J

  23. william says:

    One the best bath salts ive tried is called dr feelgoods meditation powder it is the fire and legal in all 50 states gotta love it

    • JP from NYC says:

      Dr. Feelgoods did NOT live up to its name. Made me feel god awful from the start with terrible diarrhea for the next 8 hours. worst. night. ever. – so far all the fifty state legal stuff feels like caffeine- SHIT

      • Rick says:

        Yeah I bought that crap for my store and I had to refund a few people who bought it, I felt so bad. I sent the rest back because my customers said it was weaker than redbull.

  24. bINGO says:

    that sound ilke some bullshit all the 50 state legal shit is weak as fuck
    if its so legal it isnt very good
    beers legal
    why dont you go drink that and leave the bathsalts for us

  25. R-Dawwg says:

    i only have SIX more LEGAL days in my STATE, NUKKA!



  26. Rick says:

    I bought a grip of 50 state legal salts for my store and nobody will buy them. Everyone says it’s the same as drinking a redbull or similar.
    I’ll try the brands suggested here it sounds like this stuff is different.

  27. Dustin says:

    MY name is Dustin and i hate punctuation but i love bathsalts
    and im here to have a good time with you people

    • tara says:

      hahaha…i’m totally kidding. you just made me laugh in the middle of a shitty day. i have no emotions associated with punctuation, but i most certainly have emotions associated with bathsalts :)

  28. none says:

    I know someone that told this stuff and died. Please dont take this drug or any.

    • tara says:

      can you please let us know what he told it…it was apparently the wrong thing to say!

      • carey says:

        lmfao! some ppl r so retarded. ur trying to sound all smart n shit but yet u cant even type a simple sentence. i dont think ur folkd who do salts have a problem i think those of u who dont have the problem n maybe u need to try it. go bath salts!!!!!! woooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  29. Lola says:

    Does anyone know a location in Connecticut that sells the salt?

  30. Jose says:

    Where in Ohio can I buy bath salts

    • Frances says:

      I have Nightlights and Daylights in stock currently and Lucid will be in next week. The cost for Nightlights or Daylights is $13.95 plus $5 flat rate shipping in a padded mailer for as many as you would like to purchase. Free shipping when you buy 10, mix and match (Daylights/Nightlights). The cost for Lucid $22.95 plus $5 flat rate shipping in a padded mailer for as many as you would like to purchase. Free shipping when you buy 10 Lucid. For those of you not familiar, Nightlights and Daylights are like Mollys and provide a great experience hands down. Lucid takes it to the next level if you can handle it. (Disclaimer: not for human consumption)

    • Mike Teluka says:

      I know a place. Where in ohio are you? I’m in the Cleveland area. Hit me up genocyberr@yahoo.com

  31. Frances says:

    I have Nightlights and Daylights in stock currently and Lucid will be in next week. The cost for Nightlights or Daylights is $13.95 plus $5 flat rate shipping in a padded mailer for as many as you would like to purchase. Free shipping when you buy 10, mix and match (Daylights/Nightlights). The cost for Lucid $22.95 plus $5 flat rate shipping in a padded mailer for as many as you would like to purchase. Free shipping when you buy 10 Lucid. For those of you not familiar, Nightlights and Daylights are like Mollys and provide a great experience hands down. Lucid takes it to the next level if you can handle it. (Disclaimer: not for human consumption)

  32. brittany says:

    how do i buy it from u?? do u have a website??
    molly r tha shit.

  33. mom says:

    I developed a habit for this drug. At first it was like all the comments I’ve read. You have this new profound look at life and I talked for hours with my husband about things in my life that I never shared before. It was an awesome feeling. I cleaned for gours never had my house so spotless. I as zooming at work I felt like superwoman. Very quickly I found myself using a whole gram in a day. I wasn’t hungry and shed 20 pounds. I was already skinny and now i weigh 108. My husband almost lost his mind. Tjinking I hid men in the attic or around the house so when he went to bed they would come out to have an affair. We thought we were being followed everywhere we went. Let our bills slip by as we fell three months behind on our house payment. He would spemd hours on the phone or comp convinced i was having an affair. Watched him almost taking his life by spitting his own throat in front of our 18 month old. Seeing demons and hearing voices. This shot almost destroyed us. Stay away please its a false sense of happiness.

  34. Aaron says:

    I just did bath salt for the first time. So what am I supposed to be feeling. I smoked some . It doesn’t feel all that great. But I heard there were fakes out there. And I bought a trial pack.

  35. bob says:

    I’m curious how legit these are. I’ll update with my findings.

  36. T-Wrecks says:

    Wow, the reason people are dying is because your using bathsalts, LOL. Telling someone to avoid PURE mdpv is positively retarded. A. Its extremely potent, you only need around 8-20mg, if you can’t handle it, then, you probobly can’t handle bathsalts with random mixes of chems in them anyway. MDPV is by far, the BEST of the best and its an actual chemical, not a mix of random chems to try and produce a unique marketable high that we can sell to kids, its a chemical, that does what its supposed to do. Its a super-speed with anti-addictive qualities(i’ve kicked heroin/cocaine/and pharmaceuticals since I’ve discovered moderately using MDPV.). Now, thats only in moderation, if you take it too far, it will kick your ass, and leave your with amphetamine-like-psychosis for a couple days(which, isn’t that bad, I mean, america loves its amps still, so, what a little psychosis when being awake for 7 days irresponsibly between friends). Now if your bathsalts werent bathsalts and didn’t just have some random amount of MDPV/MEPHEDRONE/PENTEDRONE/METHOXETAMINE/METHIOPROPAMINE/PENTYLONE/EUTYLONE/BUTYLONE, then your friends probobly would have realized what was going on without killing themselves. True story.

  37. max haroon says:

    hi i have a wholesale buisness, i wanna buy maybe 50000 pieces, so i can sell here in columbus ohio,cal me 614 432 9395.

  38. mary says:

    i have never used bath salts and i am in recovery for a heroin addiction but i really wanna try salts..i live in danbury ct and dont know where they r being sold out here..does anyone know?has anyone heard of “posh” bath salts thats what my friends in ohio use..i would like to hear some feedback

  39. Jim says:

    I would rather have tranquility bath salts with the big Q on the front of the jar. Can I find any in Springfield,Ohio

  40. Rob says:

    You people make me fucking sick…..i was driving today and there before me was a man swinging his arms……at nothing………screaming………at nothing what a bunch of fucking low life losers….getting high off bath salts get a life….drink a beer n smoke a joint…or look at a picture of your children (if have any) or look at a picture of your mother or father (if still alive) and think how proud they would be to know there son or dad is out kicking ans screaming and peaking out windows and thinking someones after them when no1 is there…….just think….probly half you morons cant even wrap ur minds around that…..im going to go drink a cold bud light…..bath salts:-(

    • Roy says:

      big fucking deal ??? a crazy fuck swinging his arms??? did he hurt you? if he didn’t shut the fuck up ! who the fuck are you to point your finger? like the tool song. oh and what the fuck are you doing at this site if you’re not high on some form of dope? something happened to you and instead of taking responsibility for your own actions (cant do that huh) you blame it on someone or something else, and now you have issues with people that do the stuff??

    • Dagron says:

      Lol ur ignorant Cush bag. ” drink a beer smoke a joint.” hey dumb ass people started bath salts because they are undetectible in any test I’ve pissed in. Some of use don’t have the wide open take what u want when u want options. Ever heard of DOC probation or any probation. Well u gotta be cleaver to get high and have it be undetetable. Bath salts rock anyway regardless. Take ur joint and ur beer and get the fuck out of here. Ps I don’t take this to get high anymore. I take it to lift weights or run 9 miles no problem. Fuck bud ur just weird why would u come here anyway? To fuckin piss us off. It’s a site pro bath salt ass not beer and joints all the way. Fuck if I wasn’t on probation I’d go get cocaine and some vodka but I can’t or I get locked the fuck up. Ur an idiot and I found a loophole to get high and don’t try to tell me ohh junky u gotta find a high huh. Well I do but what do u think beer is. Kills more people than bath salt retard do the math and shut the fuck up.

    • concerned says:

      i am concerned for you Rob. You aparently have some blaming issues that you need to adress. alcohol has killed more people then bath salts ever could, and i would bet there is a reason you drink beer and smoke pot. i have seen several drunks screaming and waving there arms. when you point your finger there are three bointed back at you. i have been doing bathsalt since it came out, and there have been times that ive done a couple grams a day. i have seen people one time that wherent there but i knew they wherent there so i sat down and enjoyed it. i believe that weak minded people shouldnt do this shit, but that is up to them. think about why you drink and smoke before you harass other people for the things they do. and unlike you i am not sickened by you, i hope you get off the alcohol and pot. best wishes.

  41. jack says:

    Still gettn tranquility n 8ballz not really diggn um. i want somethin better :)

    • saltsarenttheenemy says:

      Where do you get them? Email me mama2grls1boy@yahoo.com…was getting tranquility but its crap now. I don’t believe these are an issue. I don’t know anyone who has flipped out from them, and I believe all those stories are false. Did anyone read the one about the guy who beat his wife and claimed it was because he was on bath salts and the goat in his potato chip bag told him to? Come on, that was just a cop out. People used them as an excuse!

    • carla fox says:

      i’m looking…. where are you finding this product?

      • wonders says:

        i dont get all the hub bub over salts. tranquility used to be nice then it disappeared.disco is fine…..but hard to locate.everything else so far is worthless.

      • tatone says:

        I get crystaal bubbly from a store in elmira ny. its pretty good but fuckin expensive. i just traded my baby for a half g

  42. bath says:

    We provide the highest-quality bathing products such as bath salts to provide you with a smooth, sensual bath that will leave you feeling cleansed. When you buy bath salts from us you are guaranteed of the highest quality available on the market, high purity products, secure payment, and very discreet, fast and discreet international delivery. Our bath salts have a very strong aroma! We wholesale and retail other concentrated bath salts available at good prices and all our prices include guaranteed 3 days courier shipping and special delivery. for more info view my web at bathsalt@rocketmail.com

  43. 6pack says:

    drone iv+blue tranquility,king cobra, 8bawlz, fine china, rave-on anyone selling that stuff hit me up at my email: please NO AM-HI PRODUCTS they should call that NOT-HI PRODUCTS also no new 3rd generation stuff that shit sucks, pure chemistry baby, like Charley says read the directions before you party with the WARLOCK

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  45. Liberation Front says:

    It totally sucks that now authorities are trying to make this banned or illegal. For all those against this and other drugs, then great for you! Voice your opinions, and leave it at fucking that! Don’t try to come up with another fucking law or ban to take another fucking right away from others to choose what to do with their bodies. As an adult we should have the right to do with our own lives and bodies as long as we don’t have any others physically. Get over your mental and emotional handicaps! If it hurts you what your family member or love one does to themse lves then tough! It’s an individuals right to do what they want with his or herself just like it is yours. Talk about, putting laws out to protect people from their own bad decision, I say fucking step back Hitlers! You know what ruins peoples lives are these fucking criminal records people get from using drugs! If you fucking just left people alone to make their own choice they could live normal lives because they wouldn’t have the stigma of a “false” criminal record following them or fucking ridiculous fines that comes with getting arrested. People only end up stealing or robbing because.of drugs because these laws make it so difficult to rebound financially and socially because of these arrest records. If whatever drug a person wanted was available in the store just like alcohol (a drug is a drug is a drug) the jails would be less full. People should get in trouble for doing bad things like drunk driving not for just having drugs. All drugs should be regulated not criminalized. If not then fucking make alcohol illegal again too! Fuck you all you alcoholics or potheads that talk shit about everyone else who prefer other drugs. Manifest Destiny Assholes!

    • Steve-o says:


    • T-Alexandra says:

      Amen x 2…….fucking alcohol, whatever. I’m great on salts, shitty on booze. Haters stick to your weed and Bud Light and leave well enough alone. You go Liberation Front!

    • wonders says:

      overall i agree with what you said accept id like to ammend a little……ppl have every right to choose if they want to do drugs but i think that the ppl who are redicuosly addicted to the point they will steal grannys teeth out the glass to dig out the gold to swap for dope needs to be monitored somehow.and for those of you who have children but would rather stay high than change a diaper or give a bottle………yall need to be shot and put out of the childs misery!!!

    • BS says:

      Preach it brother… I have been saying for years that if the drugs themselves weren’t crimes… drug related crime would cease to exist, I mean fuck… the Game is all about making money… right? If a dealer could turn in a hundred thousand dollar loss in product to insurance… rather than taking it out of the guys ass… there would be a lot less missing persons cases… prisons would be lefull…. I mean fuck… a tweaker is gonna tweak… and junkie is gonna get smacked… and a fuckin crackie is gonna roll the fuck out… I don’t think 12 year olds should do this shit… but fuck… if we are legal adults… what the fuck does it hurt. Have the fuckin DEA regulate and educate rather than fuckin arrest and fuel the paranoia of the Game. All you FDA and DEA bastards… and all the fuckin 3 letters… Get off our asses and go after some REAL fuckin criminals. Tax the shit… regulate… and stop wasting our hard earned taxpayers dollar busting shit up that aint hurtin a damn thing but ourselves… OUR BODIES! OUR CHOICE! Watch how fast we get outta the red when a dealer can turn the transport fees and risk charge on a big-bag drop into a fuckin tax write-off. Let us sit the fuckin money on the table and them sit the product down… get on with our fuckin days in peace… its the social and economic fallout after one mistake that causes people that want help to avoid it. Fuck all the Three letters, and fuck obama. THAT IS ALL.

  46. ashle says:

    does anyone know where to buy the salts in the lawrenceburg-cincinnati area for sure. i’m in need and would really like some help. does anyone know if kentucky still sells them. please write me back and let me know thanks a bunch

  47. missy says:

    Please anyone email me with a place to buy these at. in s.e. ohio. (jackson county) lilmissizzy@yahoo.com

  48. tyler says:

    8ballz window cleaner in a vial… its legal near me.. Anyone try it?? What about i.v a small amount?> I did 2/3 of .5g and it just made me to twacked. but wont do so much nxt time if ever again

    • Ang says:

      I tried clear brand glass cleaner for the first time today. I heard it was like a coke high. I physically feel like I took some diet pills. I mentally feel creative and sociable. I’m usually irritable and antisocial. I only know of one place to get it in the jax, fl area. I would rather have something that didn’t make me throw up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Email me angila95@gmail.com I’m on probatio, so I need something that doesm’tshow on a urine test.

  49. driller says:

    Is there any stores in or around south bend,in. That sell eight balls premium glass cleaner or Dr. Feel good?

  50. Mallory says:

    My friend lives near the WI and IL border. Is there anywhere that sells bath salts at either a head shop or truck stop? Even NE corner of Iowa would be considered. Thanks!

  51. murphy brown says:

    Anyone know of any stores in the grand junction, colorado or surrounding that sels any bath salts or plant food? Really need some help help. Hit me up m_d_elder86@live.com please someone give me a hookup bro!

  52. Rich Messina says:

    Is there anywhere in America that the “old school” salts are still sold? Holla.. Im in Colorado…. richnparkway4u@yahoo.com

  53. REDD says:

    any finding anything 8 ballz in cleveland area?? please hit me up if so..

  54. bryan says:

    well i 100 agree, i got busted with 11 grams of weed and 4 pain pills by the dea yea the dea came and RAIDED my house someone told on me for distributing i was sellin weed big fucking deal ????? well let me knw wat yall think cuz i didnt sell to kids and im not a king pin but now i have a felony distubution charge and im 21 i cant find A job newhere but fucking mcds i have to live with tht for ever now i stopped doing pills cuz i was highly addicted and weed but only cus of a drug screening every week weed is good and i cant smoke it i hate it but i realy hate tht im always broke cuz i dont got a good job and to the person tht said they lost 3 family members to drugs im very sry for tht my dad wrecked drunk and died i feel u 100% but wrecking on pot sry but thts not wat happind they might said he was only smoking but thts not true i smoke my hole life from 11 till 21 and weed does not get u high enough to not be able to drive maybe drinking or acid shrooms cocain if its a lot meth or ne trip drugs or pills but not weed iv had some extreamly high level of thc medical graddes and nothing is strong enough to make my driving ability go away but legalize weed and make it nt ok to drive on and the rest of the drugs to so ppl dont get in trouble for liveing hw they want sry i have so much to say but damm we have no rites in r land of the free email me or coment bac if ne thoughts r out there good or bad im all ears bryanfrd6@gmail.com

  55. Lacey Benson says:

    Please e-mail me at laceybenson27@facebook .com if someone knows of a website that has any bath salts that are kick-ass, and fair in pricing. I can’t find any that aren’t bunk!!!

  56. Dan says:

    Looking for somewhere in Newark, OH that still sells salts. Could use a new online site too. HMU if you have any info fellow salt lovers! funkatron54@gmail.com

  57. fred says:

    Looking for Armageddon eclipse please

  58. REDD says:

    got with white rush..first few times it was str8 fire..next few..ok not so much..still the best shit ive got my hands on..no 8ballz in theiveland

    • unknown says:

      Ever try white surge.? Same company, much better. I recently bought in bulk off one website and now the webpage says theitem has been removed from stock and not available to purchase. Doknow were cud possbly get some

  59. mollylover says:

    Anyone know where to purchase 8ballz or Amped or crazytrain in New Hampshire?

    • fromnh says:

      only place ive found that sells any bath/glass/carpet is tune inns in henniker. they have Go Fast which if you havernt done them before you will like. It’s mellow and not strong and good for ow dose self medicating ADD. If you want to get something stronger Ioffer.com sells ivory wave and ive personally bought from them. im searching around right now how to find 8ballz from a reputable seller but ivory wave was really good……a few people i shared with for there first time thought i was lying…10 minutes later with just a little bump were liek WTF??!? but go fast from tuneinns will get you by. I told him to check on the other brands too.

      • Flip says:

        Yes, Tune in currently sells go fast but I recently informed him and directed Kxxt to Amped, which is five times go fast, they will be carrying it as of the first or second of April

        • wonders says:

          amped is selling fast here,but you know what…..something must be wrong with me because it didnt faze me one bit! did absolutely nothing!!! can u explain that???

          • flip says:

            was it Amped Exuberence (Lady bug Attractant) or AMP! the first one is like old school Ivory Wave and the second you can do a gram and realize you just pissed away your money, also, some bags, viles, that are the product of the end of a batch can be almost potentless, I have seen this happen with Eclipse 2012

    • vinny walker says:

      Hey bro, I’m in maine and looking for the same..Hit me up if you find anything.. Thanks

      • andrew says:

        Get ahold of me!! this means you, the guy with the daylights and nightlights. 2078583924 and you MAINERS looking for info I got all the shops, privates and prices call me!!!!

        • terrie fitzpatrick says:

          hello i saw your post back in april. i live in mass which is close to maine. can you email me with some vendors or stores in mass or close to mass to get the salt products

    • kraziejuggalo2@aol.com says:

      yep all day everyday email me asap i got it 30 a vial in rochester

  60. Pam says:

    where can I buy bathsalts in Cleveland,Ohio? I live in the 44105 area close to Garfield Heights off of Warner Road

  61. Die Me, Dichotomy says:

    Anyone know weher I can prchase some decent salts in Atlanta, Ga. I was thinking somewhere in Little Five Points. Somebody let me know something. neo9999@hotmail.com

  62. Kristin says:

    Where can u buy bath salts in myrtle beach SC?

  63. Shan says:

    Lookin to find bubbles..shops out west have everywhere..does anyone know a site on net..or somewhere around indiana..illinois…ohio..kentucky…tennesse help thanc

  64. Carey says:

    As we all know you can’t buy bath salts in stores anymore so I buy mine online now. I try a new site here and there but I buy majority of my salts at Am-hi-co.com I think Ivory Dove is the best, I’ve tried them all so I know what I’m talking about. Especially formula 5 and 6.

    • Shan says:

      Actually there are plenty of places to buy salt. Some stores still have but they r the reformulated..and I guarantee with the kind u just named u havent tried them all because those r actually pretty crappy..do some researh before u start making statements u obviously know nothin about all the salts and trust I know a whole lot on this subject.

      • carey says:

        look loser ive tried all of am-hi-co’s bath salts. ur a dumbass n obviously have nothing better to do then run ur pathetic mouth. i was just trying to help ppl out who wanted to get some salts n u gotta try n get cocky. kiss my ass dillweed!!!!!!!!

        • Shae says:

          Are you really basing your opinion on one website, it’s time to branch out a little, oh and by the way who in the fuck says dillweed? lmao

    • sugaperk says:

      There are a handful of corner stores in 03060 that sell them. A lot of different kinds to

  65. REDD says:

    all the stuff out now is str8 thrash..might be ok if you never had the real or dont know any better.. shops in my area wont touch the stuff cause law enforcement are fuckin cracking down to make the news headlines..it was fun (sometimes) while it lasted but on the real at least in Cleveland, the REAL has left the building.. goodnite

    • colin says:

      Hey redd, Im from cleveland and was able to get the best bs n pf. It was called infinity. Leme know where u were at. I can help maybe

      • kimmpossible says:

        Hey Colin, I’m kickin’ it in Cleveland (bedford/bedford hts area) and my store went out of business few months back… Since then Ive been trying to find another location other than the web sites. Can you give any advice??!! :( )

      • Jimmy Bates says:

        Infinity!?! You’re joking right? That stuff is straight garbage. I bathed with 500 mg at one time and nothing- I even slept that night. Plus its expensive too! The only thing worse I’ve had was Joy. People don’t buy Infinity!!!

  66. darkstar says:

    if someone knows where i can get 8ballz, drone, or sky in or around wv let me in on it—or website-

  67. colin says:

    2166443358 need help finding good in fort Collins Colorado. Anyone?

  68. Ryan says:

    Sup y’all wanting to try bath salts I have done everything else.. What’s the best to buy? I live in kentucky, Lexington area. Plz hit me up email me or call dozia32@aol.com call or text me at 859-351-0351

  69. Ryan says:

    Dozia32@gmail.com or dozia26@aol.com looking for salts in Lexington Kentucky area what’s the best shit to buy? Plzet me know don’t want to buy any weak ass shit that’s like drinking a red bull or some shit

  70. wannafeelsalty col oh says:

    Does anyone in Columbus Ohio know where to get the salts? I was getting them at the corner store near me, but they’re out and now they’re having problems finding them. I swear I can’t even find 50 state legal!!! What the hell is going on? Please help me!!! I like tranquility or 8ballz, but at this point, I’m not too picky. Just wanna feel salty!!!!

  71. amy says:

    You people are all sick. Go get some professional help rather than smoking bath salts you tools.
    HAHA blogging about it.

    • carey says:

      umm u dont smoke them u snort them…….duhhhh

    • Shae says:

      hey don’t talk about shit u don’t know, we’re just normal people. I have A 6 yr old and 6 month old and sometimes I need a pickme up and that makes me sick huh? Go fuck yourself and get a life instead of judging the people who already have one, talk about a tool.

      • sugaperk says:

        I agree with you shea I have a 3 year old and a 4 1/2 year old. And sometimes I need something to pick me up and get me going to. Its. Not like no one has studied it scientists put th cemicals together hence why its legal. I mean like real drugs u think ur buying white or whatever but u don’t kno what people put in it to cut it at least with this stuff u kno what ur gunna feel like every and what it is everytime!

        • Dinkle Brown says:

          Well, the scientists that made the shit you ingest put the label “not for human consuption” on the package for a reason. It is not safe to ingest! so stfu and get off your milk crate. Watch your kids get taken away for your decision to get high on salts/ plant food…

  72. rope-a-dope says:

    Does anyone know of any shops in san diego that sell this stuff?

  73. John says:

    Looking for some in Barberton or anywhere around here , let me know

  74. T-Alexandra says:

    Ok so the fact of the matter is my only option at this point is Am Hi co. The shit may be bunk but because I’m a novice with salts (tried about all the pills, Red Dove and what not) I figure the stuff purchased online may be ok. Any suggestions? Please don’t be mean!:)

  75. david smith says:

    and 1 looking for pure mdpv email me

  76. Jen says:

    Looking to buy a very large quantity of bath salts. I have purchased online but looking for local stronger stuff. I live between Cleveland & Columbus so I can drive either way its the same distance. Email me at jmdeflep@gmail.com if you can help.

  77. RuKiddingme says:

    Why in the hell is everyone leaving their fucking phone numbers, asking for bath salts? Are you asking for a felony on your record? I’m sure if law enforcement was to pose as a potential bath salts hook up and give you a call, telling you about how they have a ton of grade A, shit your pants bath salts for dirt cheap in your area, many of you would be all over it. This forum comes up very high in Google search results, so it’s not exactly hidden. Think twice before you post personal identifiable information about yourself. Just a word of advice…

  78. RuKiddingme2 says:


    I think your like a year and a day too late, lol.

  79. sugaperk says:

    I know where to get all window cleaners glass cleaners and pipe cleaners in nashua nh

  80. Ty says:

    I need something surrounding indiana now will drive out of state like crystal clean admired pump it or anything like that give me a call or text 765 6317109…..please

  81. Dave197777 says:

    Any1 know of any salt in scranton,pa area?

  82. big e says:

    alot of you so called pros act like you kno how to use mephedrone aka bath salt but u really dont the best way by far is booting it or boofing it, yes you heard me right any other way is a waste unless your still an amateur i have been an opiate addict for 22 yrs active i m finally clean thanks to methadone and yes it works if you want to stop opiates im higher than a kite bout to take another bath see ya folks :-)

  83. jamie says:

    looking for salts live in upstate,ny online or stolre e-mail me please

  84. jamie says:

    any info on were to get in upstate,ny or online

    • erik says:

      Yeah I live in upstate looking for a better place too Rochester has a store but they are outrageous priced looking for a better important hookup ne suggestions

  85. JC says:

    Stuck up in sheridan wyoming need some salts someone get at me pleez

  86. REDD says:

    spot was gettin White Surge from just went down..anyone in Cleveland area finding anything good? know one 8ballz spot but i havent been dazzeled by my “clean windows”..a lil help from my clean window or message peeps..?

  87. Angela plue says:

    Where can I get salt in Cincinnati, northern KY area?

  88. Leif says:

    Richmond VA? Pleeeeasse.

  89. greenspur says:

    Indianlake/Lima (Ohio) area dry as the desert!!~!~! Anyone have knowlegde, uuggg please someone have some insight!!!~!!!!!!

  90. greenspur says:

    Insight needed on the Cell Shine, Plant Food, Glass Cleaner…ect……thought I might add that in there…lol

    Sincerely, Desperately seeking an all night soak in the BATH

  91. REDD says:

    can get ivory in cleveland anyone getting anyting better? hit me up at johnvoies@yahoo.com

  92. JoeBlow says:

    Special buy one get one free for the first purchase of every new customer on this 100% reliable site. Not only that but their customer service is great, the guy said they awnser questions 24/7. Eight Ballz from them was daaaaank.

  93. Jorge says:

    To all of those out there looking for their legal highs, read this and you will have access to EVERYTHING you ever wanted in ANY drug category.

    You will be using the ‘Silk Road’ to obtain this, a website hidden in the ‘darknet’ that can only be accessed on a Tor browser for the internet, not regular internet explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Google Chrome or any others that aren’t a Tor browser. The Tor browser actually protects you and gives you anonymity. Here is a Wikipedia page on the ‘Silk Road’ so you know I’m not full of shit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road_(marketplace)

    Like previously mentioned, you will need a Tor browser, which you can download here: https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en

    I recommend the basic settings of the Tor browser bundle/package simply to make it easier for yourself.

    You will need to download the ‘Bitcoin wallet’ software on your computer to store the actual type of money you will spend on the ‘Silk Road’ website. The currency is actually highly-advanced encrypted crypto-currency, and is a string of code that you send to other wallets as an untraceable payment. Here is a website to download the wallet: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Getting_started

    As mentioned, the currency you will spend on ‘Silk Road’ is Bitcoins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin), a specifically online currency that is untraceable when sent, unlike PayPal/WesternUnion, to protect you from the muthafucking feds (we all hate them, not just you…). the process to get Bitcoins is a pain in the ass, i will not lie to you. You can either give a vendor on the website a ‘moneypak’ card for instant Bitcoins at a rather large fee (I.E. you give them $100, they give you the equivalent of $80 in Bitcoins), or you can get your own for the real price by hooking up Dwolla (https://www.dwolla.com/) to your bank account, sending funds to your Dwolla account, and then send the money from Dwolla to another account at MTGox (https://mtgox.com/ (this website also provides the accurate current transaction rate for Bitcoins on the top of the homepage)), and then MTGox finally can change your USD or other currencies into BTC (Bitcoins).

    Before you start to transfer your money into Bitcoins, download the Tor browser and check out the ‘Silk Road.’ the URL/HTML address for ‘Silk Road’ is “http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion” <–Everything inside the quotation marks, but not the quotation marks themselves, obviously. It probably appears to you as "WTF? .onion? usually its .com/.org/.gov/.mil/.net, and what’s with the random numbers and letters at the end? This is simply how Tor addresses are and look, and will only work on a Tor browser, not the one you are using right now. Just a heads up, you probably will also need to have the internet browser 'Mozilla Firefox' downloaded beforehand if you don't already, as the Tor browser works off of the existing Firefox browser, and when using the Tor browser itself, it will be slow to load pages and open clicked links, because of all of the built in security features so NO-ONE not even the government can see what you're doing/saying/buying or what websites you went/are-on/willgoto (It seems like a lot of work, but trust me it’s worth every single goddamn minute of effort to get it to work, the products are the HIGHEST quality you can get, and it’s very safe) When you first get to the website (downloading the Tor browser and getting there even just to look at what they have should only take 5 minutes) you will see a white page with a very basic log-in screen with two blank boxes and a Captcha for security reasons (the unmarked box to the left is the username, the one on the right is the password). Since you are new, you will need to click on the “click here to join” link, which is green and directly below the boxes for your username/password. Create your account, use whatever username you want, such as waterbottle69/JesusCuntLicker17/Drugs4Me, but make sure to use a long password (10-20 spaces long, mix around numbers/letters) to protect your account from any potential brute-force macros, the withdrawal pass doesn’t need to be anything special, it’s only entered to transfer Bitcoins from your silk road account back to your Bitcoins wallet if you want/need to for some reason. Make sure to ACCURATELY save everything (Username, Password, Withdrawal Password) in a text document, or write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it. Sign in and browse the products, they got everything and anything. To be honest though, they don’t have two rather random substances, but may have it in the future since new listings are put up every single day. Last I checked they had everything I could think of from fish-scale coke to the 2c-x series to DMT to any and all prescription shit (including Viagra…) to 4-ACO-DMT to mescaline to uncut&PURE mdma/molly and much more, as well as 50+ strains of weed, hash from all over the world, REDICULOUS oil, and multiple types of edibles. Everything except old-school non-research chemical PCP, and Opium. However on a side note, I actually know a guy who grows legit O in his basement (I’ve seen it in person and tried it as well) as a strange and stupidly illegal-as-fuck hobby, and old-school PCP doesn’t really interest me considering Ketamine and PCP-analogues are available on it, so that’s A-OK with me. Seriously, it will have all the drugs and all the old/new research chemicals you never thought you would ever find or have access to, and shit-tons of things you probably have never heard of, and most likely never would have heard of at all, unless you love all drugs, study them chemically, have done every major drug at least once at a high dose, and have highly sought after connections like me.)

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    —–Make sure you give them the correct address with no stupid mistakes in it, that’s a really dumb way to not get what you paid for.

    Well, that’s all I’ll tell you about this for now. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at lemonsdrivincars@yahoo.com

  94. REDD says:


  95. Lisa says:

    I’m in North Carolina and can’t find anywhere that carries these bath salts even tried surrounding states, and of course they are banned I am really anxious to try it, but can’t find anywhere that carries it. Can someone hit me up and let me know where I may be able to get some. Thanks! :)

    • Thomas says:

      I am in NC also and this really sux. I am almost out and then, oh shit. If I hear of anything I will let you know and vice versa. We can help each other if that is ok

      Looking for amped ladybug attractant lure, but will try anything similar. The more the better.

  96. Jyog16 says:

    I’m in Ithaca, Ny and have been getting Crystaal Bubbly from a local head shop that has sold out. I’m willing to drive an hour or so any direction to stock up. Does anyone know where I can get that or anything comparable?

    • Tim Weitsman says:

      You were getting it in ithaca as of May 5? Where were u getting it if u dont mind me asking? It was harder than hell for me to find it and when i did i couldnt from the store, but i did find the 100%, this person even had the Ricky Bobby of old. However prices skyrocketed after 3dlight got raided. If i want anything relatively cheap i have to go to Elmira or Syracuse and thats just the heavenly Soak. Help me out and i’m sure i could return the favor with an added bonus of something not many people have anymore. would keep but to strong for the person who wants and depend on their $ to purchase. I can let some of the Ricky Bobby go for same price as i can find of wtv else at a store. just some incentive. I dont play around just desperate to get the money right once again. Once u have the dispoable $ at ur disposal, either u get rid of all the toys u bought or u move to another business, unfortunately i would do everything else before i can capitalize on it. poopstaindpanties@yahoo.com.

  97. Cadillacpimpingirl says:

    Im in columbus ohio is there anywhere within two hour range thay I can get any

  98. chucknshitup says:

    I live in northern georgia and just moved here from ohio….i used to beable to get decent shit up there but cant find a fukin thing here…..if anyone has a hook, let me know7703817853….thx

    • Cynthia Skelton says:

      I live in Hayesville, NC (near Blairesville, Ga Borders North Georgia) used to have great connection for iSparkle then the BAN. Please contact me if you have leads t0 Highest quality Salts. Love Tranquility concentrate 500mg too equivalent or BETTER. Need best quality for personal use.
      Cindy Thanks only serious stuff please 10 or higher. Also need killer synthetic Cannabis

  99. Lp says:

    In Katy Texas. Does anyone know where to get it???
    I tried monster…I think that’s what it’s called. First timer do don’t hate or be mean!
    Love it tho, makes me feel awesome. Energized. Like I can run a marathon and not get tired! :)
    No judging! I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me!

  100. ange says:

    wide variety ship anywhere anytime cheap but very good first hand knowledge lol 15 -45$ sweetp28411@gmail.com 5704068928 ligit enough to leave my phone number or maybe just stupid;) I’m up most the night ;) call anytime day or night prefer text are you can email if you want it I probly got it

  101. FREDDIE says:

    searching in central FL for some stuff i heard is really great. think it’s somehow attatched to rick ross? any more info like actual name of shit & where i can score? much obliged my homies!

  102. Dana says:

    I will not use bath salts, they just cause way too much cognitive damage. Personal choice. I’m not saying the Bubbles Glass cleaner I’m partial to is healthy. It damages the basal ganglia in the brain, but sometimes hedonism supercedes self-preservation. But I digress. I want opinions on what is the most potent glass cleaner and where it can be obtained. Preferably, the price will be reasonable. Also, I’m sure I sound dumb, but what other methods of administration are available to me besides my nose?

  103. Voice of Reason says:

    You people are stupid for using this garbage. Why not just smoke weed or ingest something natural? This stuff is bad news.

  104. Andi says:

    Please consume as much of this shit as you can, as fast asylum can so that we can cut you out of the human gene pool. Reading out of curiosity and y’all are the most pathetic excuses for people I’ve ever seen. I’m sure it’s somebody else’s fault – life is so precious and you all piss it away.

  105. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place.

  106. SS00SS says:

    Any of you folks think you might have a problem? Admitting you do is the first step…..

  107. Special K says:

    I strongly support the sale of these chemicals. They are fun, and when used in moderation (just like with anything…), are no more detrimental than alcohol. Go science!

  108. Linze says:

    need amped ladybug attractant lure or eight ballz…..I will pickup around cleveland akron or elyria. Linze33@gmail.com

  109. Thomas says:

    Looking for good bath salts or real Molly in Toledo Ohio does anyone know of any stores a that have salts that are descent? ????

  110. BehavioralAnalysisUnit says:

    Sooooo…been doing the Bubbles for a loooooooong damn time. I LOVE YOU BUBBLES. I am tired of driving halfway accross town and paying out my ass for it. I would LOVE to find something comparable but STRONGER!!!! Nothing hallucinatey, though. OR someone with cheaper Bubbles wholesale. ORANGE COUNTY, CA ANYONE ANYONE? Also, GOOD RESEARCH CHEMICAL SITES?

  111. BehavioralAnalysisUnit says:

    Oh yeah, what ARE the strongest cleaners out there, guys?

  112. may says:

    amped …any one holdin Mesa AZ?

  113. matt says:

    Amped available? im lookin in mesa az

  114. Manda says:

    Does anyone Know where to get it around Tyler Tx?

  115. Shaymuffin says:

    Where Can I get a wholesale amount of Crystal Clean online? Not the nasty brown but the pure white stuff. My pipes are in desperate need of cleaning!

  116. Randy Jones says:

    Has anyone bought anything from this company the deals sound great but the phone #, doesn’t work but they do answer email.

  117. Bubbly Bubbles says:

    Southern California (orange county) -need Bubbles in bulk

  118. Moose says:

    Anyone know where to buy in northeastern PA??? Or anyone selling wholesale online hit me up! Mooseman571@gmail.com

    • kimmpossible says:

      any location that is selling? this is nuts that they just fell off the face of the earth. this is cleveland, ohio here. anyone got ANY info please hit us up over here!!???

  119. Amy says:

    traveling thru Cincinnat and Lexington Kentucky and looking for anything to wake me up! Hit me up 5406168608

  120. Verrsaiie says:

    Anyone know of any places selling in Houston? I keep hearing of a few that keep getting busted. I miss White Diamonds. :(

  121. im selling EXTREMELY AUTHENTHIC bath salts called (BLISS 1) 100$ a gram
    contatc me through my email lubyl@live.com
    Will be accepting paypal i can then send through Mail!

  122. Needing some says:

    Ok. Im in the middle of the US. Anyone got info?? Plz….

  123. Cynthia Skelton says:

    iSparkle substitute needed for post Ban relief
    must be discreet ship to NC
    fast shipping!

  124. gemma says:

    Hey F, i’m in findlay oh. If you still have some,please email me and we can set something up. Would love to get it asap! Thanks……email me at hammrtime23@gmail.com

  125. Kody says:

    Moved to fl from my need someone to help me find amped. Or some real salt. Im willing to pay more for it if ull ship it to me. I can PayPal the money. It’s impossible to find here kodycarter@ymail.com

  126. Minnie says:

    Any where on northern new York?? Please reply willing to meet discretely. Or thru mail. Prefer meeting so can get it quicker willing to go out of state vt pa nh???. Thanks

  127. zion says:

    any 1 no where to get cleaner in cbus oh?

  128. mr. salt says:

    looking for rc’s anywhere near indiana…or online…anything new out yet? email me @ wickedaccnt613@gmail.com

  129. Kelley says:

    Hello all!!!!! I am sick of the freakin government messing with all us partiers damnit!!! I am in jacksonville, fl and I am looking to find the crystal bubbly cleaner or snowman or the anything that is better, we cant get shit anywhere here anymore!!!!! Please help, oh love rollin my ass off to so if anyone know where to get some red doves or better let me know that as well!! HELP HELP HELP US PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Thanks look forward to chatting with you all!!!

  130. Tolow says:

    Hello fellow lovers of living life on the edge and fucking having fun!!! I need help please!! I’m in Jacksonville, FL and can’t find a fucking thing anymore I had an amazing store to use and of course here came the freakin Feds and took everything good and fun away!!!!! So any help to find some good bath salts would be so greatly appreciated!!!

    Party on!!

  131. rocky says:

    if any one knows where to get some good salt please hit me up i live in western ky and cant find shit.people who cant handle their salt is fucking it up for us who can.needing it bad in ky…..

  132. Aura says:

    Research chemical special Ur 144
    1gram $20
    10gram $120
    100grams $600
    250grams $1200
    This product is strictly made for research purposes and isn’t made for human consumption. Please don’t ask me how to consume it.

  133. brad says:

    Anyone there know where to get white surge in im from so.ill

  134. Melissa says:

    I am trying to find a place online that might sell any of the following at a reasonable price: Bullet, Amped or Bubbles. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  135. Jim says:

    Looking to purchase in Connecticut area. If anyone can point me in the right direction or meet, please email me.

  136. ED says:

    sup pep’s been reading all this i am looking for some, love the way it make me feel. Where can i get some bath. email me at bigeaux504@gmail.com

  137. DudeMan says:

    I’m in the washington DC area and need to know where to purchase…please let me know asap. thnx

  138. DudeMan says:

    email me at bstr8up@aol.com. I like white girl stain remover, but open to suggestion

  139. FeelGood says:

    Hello, we have wide variety ship anywhere. (305) 707-1587 ligit enough to leave my phone number ;) call anytime prefer text or you can email (feel.gooood@yahoo.com) I probly got it

    Amped, Bubbles, C Original, 8ballz, Disco, White dove, Tranquility, Cloud 9&10, Bolivian. etc etc etc….
    Let me know

  140. FeelGood says:

    Hello, we have wide variety ship anywhere. (305) 707-1587 ligit enough to leave my phone number or maybe just stupid;) call anytime day or night prefer text or you can email (feel.gooood@yahoo.com) I probly got it

    Amped, Bubbles, C Original, 8ballz, Disco, White dove, Tranquility, Cloud 9&10, Bolivian. etc etc etc….
    Let me know

  141. se7en says:

    looking for bath salts in or near Salisbury nc any help would be aprcated

  142. E says:

    looking for ampd, disco?? help

  143. Jenny says:

    Yes I am interested in some as well anyone email me please been looking forever

  144. J.E. says:

    Just wanted to say don’t buy from shop.freshsalts.com They will ship but they don’t ship the correct order. Instead of what you order you get a handful of bootleg shitty product that doesn’t work. I e-mailed them to ask what happened and they have never responded.

  145. J.E. says:

    Also I know a place in SF (actually two) that used to sell Ampd and Bubbles when I lived there not long ago. If you e-mail me I can tell you the name and address, but I’d really appreciate it if you could ship me some (I’d compensate obviously) because I moved and can’t find anything here. They keep them under the counter in a box so even if you know the shop you need to ask the guy to see them.

  146. J.E. says:

    I wish we still had a community so I could tell people NEVER TO BUY FROM BERN CHEMS!!! Advertise in local listings internationally. Operate out of Ghana. If you search for their email their normally list in Ghana classifieds for random toxic industrial chemicals. Will send you an e-mail from a “doctor” who has “unlimited supply” and then ask for half up front (Western Union of course). If you read this, do not get ripped off.

    Toxxxic forums have a few people who honestly have stuff. Except most of them are fucking tweakers themselves and will promise you shit, take your money on Paypal, and then sober up and say “hey I don’t want to do this, maybe I give you a referral for your money?” I just got burned that way. If I wanted to pay money for access to your shitty drug forum I would have just done it directly, douche.

  147. Becca says:

    Does anyone know where to get any bath salts in the Arizona Phoenix area?

  148. Dope Dude says:

    Below is a list of some of the bath salts we have in stock at the Moment. Our products are 99.87% pure and our prices range between $ 8- $15.

    Email: bathpowder@Safe-mail.net

    Below is a list of our top selling concentrated bath salts:

    (1 pack= 1000 mg)

    Eight ballz bath salt……………….. 12$ per pack

    Sextacy bath salt …………….. 12 $ per pack

    Heavenly soak energy……………. 12 $ per pack

    Disco bath salt…………………….. 12$ per pack

    Eight ballz bath salt……………….. 12$ per pack

    Vanilla sky…………………………… 10$ per pack

    Blue ice bath salt………………….. 11$ per pack

    Ivory wave bath salts……………… 12$ per pack

    Loco motion bath salts……………. 11 $ per pack

    Revitalize bath salts…………………10 per pack

    Rave on bath salt ………………….. 12 $ per pack

    Raving dragon bath salts…………… 12$ per pack

    Crazy train bath salt ………………..12 $ per pack

    Fizz concentrated bath salts……….14$ per pack

    Lady bubbles bath salts………………12$ per pack

    X rated bath salts………………………. 12$ per pack

    Blue wave bath salts……………………12$ per pack

    Bubbling 24 bath salts……………………10$ per pack

    Blue silk – bath salt………………………..11$ per pack

    G pheonix bath salts……………………….12$ perpack

    Bliss concentrated bath salts…………….12$ per pack

    White rush bath salts…………………….12$ per pack

    Snow bunny powder………………………. 10$ per pack

    White sands bath sal……………………. 10$ per pack

    Red rock opium…………………………… 9$ per pack

    Snoppy 500mg ……………………………. 9$ per pack

    Bolivian ivory wave recharge bath salts . ……10 $ per pack

    White girl concentrated bath salts…………. . 8$ per pack

    Tranquility concentrated bath salts…………… 12$ per pack

    Ivory smooth concentrated bath salts……….. 11$ per pack

    Blue magic – bath salts………………………….. 12$ per pack

    Build your own bath salt………………………… 12$ per pack

    G6 dietary supplement……………………………12$ per pack

    Go dietary supplement…………………………..10$ per pack

    Juiced dietary supplement……………………….12$ per pack

    Pink panther bath salts…………………………..11$ per pack

    Snow leopard concentrated bath salt…………12$ per pack

    To place your order, all you need to do is provide us with the

    Following information :-

    - required quantity ( note that moq is 10 packs) (Don’t want to ship 1 pack…..)

    - full delivery address

    -when you will like order dispatched

    Once we have the above information, we will immediately register your parcel and provide you with payment directives immediately.

    Note that our products come with a catalog which carries prescription and usage information.

  149. Dope Dude says:

    Oh and please don’t ask for a free fucking sample…
    We do not leave a paper trail either there for we have are very own payment method.
    we ship 100% discrete sooooo discrete you may even laugh when you open your package and you have to dig thru peanut butter to find the goods :P

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