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Are People Still Selling Bath Salts?

The Federal government dropped the hammer back in July 2011. Several chemicals labeled as “bath salts” (mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone) were banned and rendered schedule I controlled substances. Are any brick and mortar stores still selling them? I certainly have … Continue reading

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16 Head Shops Banned

“Berkeley Brean: Rich and Lia, so far, every case against synthetic drugs has gone after the product, testing it to see if it has these synthetic compounds that mimic marijuana and cocaine, but the manufacturers just came up with different … Continue reading

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Delaware General Assembly Vote Against Bath Salts

Welcome to Update News Online. Newsperson: A designer drug has quickly provoked an aggressive reaction from legislative hall. The drug sold under the moniker “Bath Salts” has been temporarily declared a controlled substance. Under an emergency ruling signed by Delaware … Continue reading

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Temporary Ban on Bath Salts | DEA

A designer drug has quickly provoked an aggressive reaction from legislative hall. The drug sold under the moniker bath salts, has been temporarily declared a controlled substance under and emergency ruling inside by Delaware secretary of state, Jeff Bullack. The … Continue reading

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Synthetic Marijuana Deaths and Bath Salts Brian Ross: Welcome back, I’m Brian Ross in New York. They’ve been called time bombs; deadly, dangerous, legal synthetic drugs ticking away as users across the country, especially teens, experiment with what on the street are called bath salts. … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Finally Banned in Ohio It has been in the works for a while. It first started with Barberton, OH banning bath salts. Legislation was rapidly pushed through shortly after. Methylone, MDPV and Mephedrone are all on the list. No more fun in Ohio. … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Indiana | Banned

With the growing outbreak of bath salts abuse, Indiana has followed suit from states like Florida and has banned the distribution of MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone. Here is the bill that was passed recently Mark: There are dangerous substances … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Atlanta Georgia Banned Georgia has banned most substance associated with bath salts. MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone are all on this bill that was passed recently: Brian McCullagh: It’s terrible. It’s a terrible, terrible drug, and it’s ruining communities. Addie Hampton : … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug Alabama

Alabama prohibitions ownership, manufacture and also submission of alleged ‘bath salts’.. Montgomery, AL – 2 hazardous chemical compounds that are getting promoted as “bath salts” are now being added to the actual Alabama Controlled Substances Checklist through unexpected emergency rule. … Continue reading

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