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Miami Bath Salts

“Female: Now, to the case the whole country is talking about. While the toxicology report for Rudy Eugene has not been released yet, this week there has been a lot of talk about what type of drug might cause a … Continue reading

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Crazy Crimes on Bath Salts

“Josh: Now to a disturbing new warning about a dangerous synthetic drug known as Bath Salts. They have nothing to do with relaxing in the tub and everything to do with a surge of unspeakable crimes, including one recent and … Continue reading

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You Could Die From This

“Female: You could die from this. Male: It’s called Bath Salt. Drug counselors and cops say it’s the latest rage in the world of synthetic drugs, a world your kids may know too well. Female: It’s being sold in what’s … Continue reading

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Synthetic Marijuana Deaths and Bath Salts Brian Ross: Welcome back, I’m Brian Ross in New York. They’ve been called time bombs; deadly, dangerous, legal synthetic drugs ticking away as users across the country, especially teens, experiment with what on the street are called bath salts. … Continue reading

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Howard County Warehouse Bath Salts Raid SPEAKER: Well, when drug agents recently raided a Howard County Warehouse they say among the items seized was something called bath salts. SPEAKER: It’s not Calgon, anything like that. But rather the latest designer drug to hit Maryland, and … Continue reading

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Kansas City Missouri Bans Bath Salts Reporter:Governor Jay Nixon signs a law making bath salts illegal in Missouri. Not this kind, the kind you throw in the bath, but this kind sold in little packets with names like ivory wave, vanilla sky, purple wave. Tonight,a … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug Test

Can bath salts show up on drug tests? It is possible and it depends on the chemical that is in the bath salts and also the type of drug test. There are many different drug testing methods such as urinalysis, … Continue reading

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