Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV)

I’ve had several requests for a video on a new substance that’s out on the market called bath salts. As most of you know, these are not the normal bath salts that we all get and put in our bath tub. These are being sold as bath salts and then not for human consumption to get around the Analog Act here in the United States. Then people are actually consuming them. Most commonly, the substance in bath salts is MDPV. Now, there’s been several other substances found in bath salts like methadrone and several analogs of MDPV. But mainly, the MDVP is the primary substance. Of all the different substances that are in there, they’re all usually mimicking an amphetamine type high.

As for legality, MDPV is uncontrolled in the United States. However, several states have made it illegal in their state. If you need more information on that, I’ve posted links in the description area to where you can find the legality information.

As for the effects, personally, I have never done bath salts and I don’t think I ever will. I’m not into the amphetamine high at all, and that’s really what the effects are like. Most people explain them feeling very much like and amphetamine, and some people complain that there is a very quick come down off of it, and then you really want to redose afterwards. Most often, it’s taken by snorting it, but sometimes people also take it orally. If you snort it, the effects are around 2-4 hours. Whereas if you take it orally, it could last anywhere up to 7 hours.

There’s a whole list of side-effects that I’ve found on the Internet for this substance. They’re agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, and suicide risks. I guess people come down off of it and then think that they want to commit suicide afterwards. There’s also high blood pressure, increased pulse, and psychosis. Lots of things go with amphetamine overdoses. All these things are the negative side effects that you should think about if you are considering possibly taking this substance. I realize that it’s quasi-legal and that it’s available in smoke shops and online vendors across the Internet, but just because something is quasi-legal doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy.

I don’t want to sound all preachy here like I’m starting to be anti-drug or anything because I’m certainly not. I’m just trying to say let’s try to be safe about our choices because there are many substances out there that are wonderful, and safe, and that can allow you to have spiritual experiences, and that can allow you to better yourself. Whereas, there’s other substances out there like this one, in my opinion, that are just going to lead you down a road that’s going to gain you nothing positive, and possibly an addiction, and possibly ruin your life. And maybe even lead you to the hospital with an overdose if you don’t use it properly.

I just think some things are for us to try to do and some things are for us to try to avoid. This is definitely one of those things that I would highly suggest avoiding. As for drug tests, most drug tests, if you’re going into a probation office or a work drug test, they will never pick this up. But there is a company, Redwood Toxicology, that has a two-panel drug test that test for this and methadrone. I’ve posted links in the description area for more information if you want to find out about this particular drug test and any of the specifics.

But unless people are actually going to be sending your urine to Redwood Toxicology, then most likely, you can use the substance and never get caught on a drug test.  But again, I’m not suggesting for anyone to do that. I’m just trying to put information out there so everyone can be fully informed.

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  1. Coco says:

    Yeah but the government lets companies hook childs on energy drinks. There is no coherence in prohibiting drugs, when they let companies paving the way for these. The need to control these substances is just the proof that education is bullshit, because it doesn’t help people being responsible human being. Welfare state needs irresponsible people in order to justify their existence and that is the reason why tehy provide such a shitty education.

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