Ivory Wave Bath Salts Drug Review


Ivory Wave Bath Salts Drug Review

My first taste of bath salts was a brand called Ivory Wave that I found at a local head shop.  Without doing any research I picked up the package at 11am and began sniffing it immediately.  My favorite way to do this is the cap of a Bic ballpoint pen- makes the perfect key bump system.  Started with just one bump up each of my nostrils and within fifteen minutes started to feel very stimulated.  I wanted to call my old girlfriends and tell them I loved them but then I wanted to sniff more so badly that I forgot all about that.  I continued to snort throughout the day with the same little bumps from the pen cap.  Usually one hour apart but sometimes as short as half an hour.  All this was happening as I was waiting tables.  I wanted to talk so much more than usual at the tables that I got kind of freaked out.  Also I realized I was having trouble finishing sentences without forgetting what I was talking about.  The people I work with definitely noticed but nobody cares because they are all stoners.  I became panicky, which lasted several hours, but it finally went away and that was the only really bad part about the whole trip.  I couldn’t sleep that night but I did a whole bag and stopped at like five so that was kind of expected.  No paranoia or hallucinations or scary stuff.  I’m beginning to think the media is just making all that stuff up.

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17 Responses to Ivory Wave Bath Salts Drug Review

  1. Jatho says:

    Tries all most brands and found it to be parnoid and certainley the worst sold in Ohio

    • Joe Camp says:

      Have you tryed 8 ballz brand? Im curious because I just tryed salt 4 the first time , (it was 8 ballz ) and I thought it was incredible, Iwaould like to know if there was anything stronger, and how 8 Ballz stacks up against the competition.

  2. Moniker says:

    Ivory Wave caused me to go to jail. Dont do this shit. My heart almost exploded and I ran naked down the street and got locked up. It wasn’t even fun I just felt shitty as hhell.

  3. J says:

    Well after all the hype I tried ivory wave. Used the old pen cap delivery system….set a stop watch….
    58 minutes later……

    I got this from am-hi-co, which usually is a trusted name in legal highs, but now, I am a bit unimpressed

    • BIG B says:

      With a pencap delivery maybe not much will be done if you have a nice tolerance level to the F’d up syndrome like i. also couldve been the product. I highly recommend Am-Hi-Co and there product; Ivory Wave 3 500MG

  4. kelplus5 says:

    8ballz brand is the bomb and the only other brand I’ve tried that may be better but is no longer sold round here is Cloud 9. Try it if u can find it. U won’t regret it.

  5. T-Alexandra says:

    Just got Ivory Wave and am not impressed but going in for a more substantial bump. Heard 8 ballz is the total bomb. Will be my next collective purchase.

  6. baphomet says:

    I have Bulk of 8ballz/ synthetic C.

    I could offer at 9/gram(in bulk). contact me anytime.
    I prefer f 2 f so you can verify its legit but wire and ship is ok. In philadelphia.

    1kg 5200ea

  7. MoFO says:

    You all are idiot junkies! If some of you have tattoos…you are IMBECILE FUCK!

  8. sponge bobby says:

    Just curious….does bath salt have the same taste as cocaine? Whatever anyone else does each to his own but i don’t ever want to do bath salt…..however i am always buying caine i would hate to one.day get a.bad batch….so i woui ld like to know what to look for to identify bath salt…..they r all butif Im goig to b grabbing my stuff id ll

  9. sponge bobby says:

    Sorry for the mispelling stupid new cell…

  10. I love bath salts. I snort them all the time. I like the feeling that I might die at any moment, the heart exploding feeling. It’s such a rush, there’s nothing like being so close to death and totally out of control. One day I expect I will have a heart attack on bath salts and those two or three seconds before consciousness fades out I think with be the most HARDCORE thing ever in my whole life.
    Sometimes I freebase the bath salts using a spoon and candle, then inject it into my veins in my arms and legs. I’ve lost a few good veins so far, I’ve been using the needle too much lately. A few of them have collapsed and now I have to search around to find good veins sometimes. Yesterday I shot up into my ankle, that big vein way down by my foot, but then I had to do a bunch of squat-thrusts just to get the bath salts all the way the my heart and brain. Next time I’m gonna try to inject into my neck. I think it will hit harder that way.
    Maybe I will inject straight into my heart sometime too.
    I highly recommend bath salts to everyone who wants a good time. You don’t need to go as far as I do. You can have a nice time only snorting some and rubbing a little bit more on the lining of your rectum.

  11. YourGoodFriend says:

    Hey man.. Wow.. Can’t tell whether you are for real or just trollin but I guess with Bath Salts it could just about go either way couldn’t it? All the best…

  12. Rukidding Me says:

    When anyone abuses anything oh yeh they can be deadly or mentally messed up. Ok so they band bath salts & K2, but people r still making meth and if they want they will come up w/ another way. So now we have people who r addicted and can’t buy these once legal substance. Now what????? Now we have people doing what ever it takes to get this high, and it will be blamed mostly on the substance, but if you think about it the people who have sold this should also be to blame. Why are they not liable???????

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