Bath Salts Drug Info We Do Not Sell Bath Salts. They Are Very Bad Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:33:18 +0000 en hourly 1 Are People Still Selling Bath Salts? Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:32:37 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]> The Federal government dropped the hammer back in July 2011. Several chemicals labeled as “bath salts” (mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone) were banned and rendered schedule I controlled substances. Are any brick and mortar stores still selling them?

I certainly have not seen any in NY, OH, CA, or FL. There was one gas station that sold what appeared to be a “stimulant” which was more than likely some sort of cathinone or similar substance.

Bath Salts peaked in 2011 and are on the decline, which is a good thing given the potency of the, what are now Schedule I controlled substances. Prescription medication is much safer, right? Pharma is 100% aligned with the public interest and well being, right?

What do you guys think about the selling of bath salts?

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Kenneth Albelli on Bath Salts Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:38:52 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“For the third day in a row, Wilkes-Barre police arrested the same man for being out of control on bath salts, police say each time he admitted to using the drug and each time he was acting wild. Newswatch 16’s Jon Meyer live in Wilkes-Barre with the story, Jon.

Scott, Wilkes-Barre police say this is just one more example of bath salts causing someone to act crazy. Kenneth Albelli of Wilkes-Barre was arrested Monday, yesterday, then again today and police say two of those times, he had to be tasered to get him under control.

Kenneth Albelli of Wilkes-Barre was calm at his arraignment in Kingston.
Are you using the bath salts?

He was quiet when we asked questions, but police say Albelli was anything but calm and quiet as they as they dealt with him for three straight days all because of the designer drug known as bath salts.

Police say the first incident happened here at this Turkeyhill on East Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, the police say the guy was acting wild he was getting in and out of people’s cars with the driver still behind the wheel and when officers tried to arrest him he ran up over here trying to resist arrest until finally they got him under control, then just down the street, the very next day, police were called for the same guy acting crazy again, they said that time he was out in the street chasing after cars yelling at them, police had to taser him to get him under control here and that wasn’t all, again today they were called to this same area for the same guy acting out of control.

Wilkes-Barre police say the guy admits it’s all because of this Bath Salts the stuff that’s legal to buy almost everywhere and it’s a drug that experts say can make a guy like this be delusional, paranoid and violent.

Why do you use this stuff?

And Kenneth Albelli is in Luzerne county jail tonight away from any access to bath salts on this night, now because bath salts are legal, he can’t be charged with any drug related charges right now but he is charged with resisting arrest disorderly conduct, even public drunkenness. Jon Meyer Newswatch 16 reporting live in Wilkes-Barre.
Thank you Jon.”

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Miami Bath Salts Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:37:06 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Female: Now, to the case the whole country is talking about. While the toxicology report for Rudy Eugene has not been released yet, this week there has been a lot of talk about what type of drug might cause a man to engage in a cannibalistic attack. Health reporter Diana Gonzalez is here to help clear up the confusion about Bath Salts. Diana.

Diana Gonzalez: First of all, we are not talking about Epsom salts you put in the tub. This is a synthetic designer drug sold in head shops and convenient stores, until it was banned in Florida last year, but it’s readily available online.

Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, so-called Bath Salts sold online, a little packet of small white crystals costs about $30 for a fraction of an ounce.

Dr. Daniel Bober: The name Bath Salts is a name that the street chemists are giving it to break a law, to fly below the radar of law enforcement.

Diana Gonzalez: Even though it states not for human consumption on the websites and packages, people are swallowing, but mostly snorting these Bath Salts, says psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober.

Dr. Daniel Bober: These are substances that are known to be stimulants. They can cause psychosis, agitation, paranoia. They basically, turn a person into a wild beast. They shutoff the part of the brain that causes rational control over your decisions.

Diana Gonzalez: When these cases do show up in local emergency rooms there’s no way to detect the chemicals in Bath Salts through traditional blood and urine tests. Sometimes the patient will say what they’ve used.

Dr. Daniel Bober: I have treated them in the emergency department and I have seen this type of behavior, this extreme paranoia.”

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Designer Drugs Bath Salts Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:35:32 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Female: And welcome back. Thanks for joining us today for our Live at Five segment. We have Dr. Michael Sevilla from Salem Community Hospital. Thank you for coming here today.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Great to be here.

Female: Today, you’re here to talk with about the developing disturbing trend and that is Bath Salts, which we all know to be an illegal drug, but for those that might not know, can you tell us exactly what Bath Salts actually are?

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Yeah, I get a lot of questions in my office about that and it’s not actually what you purchase in the store.

Female: Mm-hm.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: It’s kind of like a street name and it’s synthetically made, and the scientific name is MDPV. And it can be, it can be taken orally. It can be ingested, it can be injected. It’s very highly addicting and it does have some cocaine type effects.

Female: All right, so talk to us a little bit more about some of the effects taking these Bath Salts can have on you.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Yeah, these Bath Salts, I mean the effects can last over 24 hours and some of the effects can be they can have some hallucinations, very violent behavior which has been in the news lately with some of these cases in paranoia…medically, we worry about things like heart attacks that can happen, and there have been some cases of suicide with these drugs as well.

Female: Absolutely. When did they kind of like start going out and becoming more popular on the streets, you know. You heard of it, then you don’t hear of it. Now, it seems like we’re hearing about it a little bit more.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Yeah, just over the past few months there have been some spotted reports in the news. It has been more, more popular in the news, especially the violence and hallucinations that have been happening.

I’m getting a lot more questions not only from my patients, but from parents as well as far as their kids. It’s getting to be more and more out there now.

Female: What are some signs you know other than the effects you told us, but some signs parents and family might want to be aware of.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Any type of illegal drug, you know, type of activity. These are similar to methamphetamine or people may know crystal meth and those type of effects. Any, like any type of addictive drugs, if there’s any type of unusual behavior with kids, I mean it’s good to keep an eye on that, especially for parents, and teachers and everyone else to kind of keep track of.

Female: Resources available for people if they want to help get treatment with this?

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Well, I mean there, a lot of the resources right now are commonly what are for substance abuse right now, very similar to what we have for cocaine and other types of illegal substances, I mean it’s good to kind of just keep track of what those are.

Female: All right, thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate it and updating us on that.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Okay, great, good to see you.

Female: We’ll be right back.”

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Crazy Crimes on Bath Salts Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:34:36 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Josh: Now to a disturbing new warning about a dangerous synthetic drug known as Bath Salts. They have nothing to do with relaxing in the tub and everything to do with a surge of unspeakable crimes, including one recent and horrifying attack in Miami. ABC’s Jim Avila is in Washington now with the very latest here. Good morning, Jim.

Jim Avila: Good morning, Josh, a string of frightening attacks, some of them seem like science fiction, have police pointing directly at a cheap, widely available and dangerous drug.

Boy: [screams]

Jim: The tortured ramblings of a 19-year-old Florida boy, never charged, but according to police, showing the effects of a supercharged Speed commonly called Bath Salts.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen: It’s pretty devastating to think this kid was a normal kid walking around maybe the week before.

Jim Avila: A potpourri of constantly changing chemicals soon to be legal again in many states that have nothing to do with your mother’s actual bath products. Instead, these inexpensive, synthetic drugs create a condition police have come to call excited delirium that makes users paranoid, violent and unpredictable.

Police believe Bath Salts are behind the face eating attack on an innocent Miami man last week that left the victim in critical condition and the perpetrator killed by police.

Police: But you gotta chill out a minute!

Jim Avila: And perhaps behind this growling suspect’s unwillingness to surrender.

For the cop on the street, how dangerous is the person who’s used this?

Rusty Pane: We’ve certainly heard about people with, you know, extraordinary strength, and you know, we’ve seen that with PCP in the past.

Jim Avila: Bath salts are actually closer to a synthetic mix of methamphetamine than cocaine, a lethal combination that creates desperation, sometimes leading to naked ramblings and users hurting themselves.

Now, Congress has been asked to ban the concoction by police, but can’t agree on a bill, so the DEA’s temporary ban expires in six months leaving the police again unprotected. Josh.

Josh: Thank you, Jim.”

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16 Head Shops Banned Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:33:26 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Berkeley Brean: Rich and Lia, so far, every case against synthetic drugs has gone after the product, testing it to see if it has these synthetic compounds that mimic marijuana and cocaine, but the manufacturers just came up with different legal chemicals. This time the AG says he’s not concerned about the product, he’s going after the packager.

Eric Schneiderman: It is illegal in New York to misinform consumers. It is illegal to mislabel products.

Brean: And that’s what the Attorney General says is happening with these kinds of products. He says there synthetic drugs sold in head shops as incense, butterfly food and bath salts. The products say not for human consumption, but that’s not what the clerks told his undercover investigators.

Schneiderman: This product is not intended for human consumption, but we found, in fact, folks selling this would give a tutorial on how you could consume all these products.

Brean: And that, he says, violates New York’s consumer protection and business laws. The attorney general’s office started its investigation after I-Team 10 covered some local corner stores and smoke shops selling products like K2, one of the brand names for synthetic marijuana.

M: Compared to weed, it’s not going to like, it gets a similar high?

Clerk: Yeah.

Brean: After our investigation the state banned synthetic marijuana and anything that contained cannabinoids. Recently, I-Team 10 went undercover again to see if the stores were still selling them. The clerks told us they were, but they were cannabinoid-free. We asked the attorney general if that is a potential loophole.

Schneiderman: If they claim it doesn’t have, it’s not sprayed with Substance A, it’s probably being sprayed with Substance B. We don’t care, we don’t care. If you mislabel it, if you don’t accurately tell where it comes from, what’s in it, who made it, what the warnings should be, we’re getting it off the shelves.

Brean: The attorney general calls them illegal sales because of the packaging, not the product. I called Look Ah Hookah for a comment today. The person who answered the phone said they are not commenting on this.

Rich: How does the attorney general’s strategy work with current ban, the state law, and what did the president sign yesterday?

Brean: Well, same target, just different tact. The attorney general thinks the traditional law enforcement investigations against synthetic drugs, buying it and then testing it, is still important, but he thinks his strategy can be more effective and it can work just a little more faster. It’s kinda like going after Al Capone for tax evasion.

Rich: Which worked, by the way.

Brean: Yes.

Lia: All right, Berkeley Brean, thank you for that report.”

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You Could Die From This Sat, 18 Aug 2012 15:29:54 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Female: You could die from this.

Male: It’s called Bath Salt. Drug counselors and cops say it’s the latest rage in the world of synthetic drugs, a world your kids may know too well.

Female: It’s being sold in what’s called Head Chops or in some states it’s even being sold in convenience stores.

Male: It comes in small packages costing anywhere from 30 to 50 bucks.

Female: It’s not really bath salt.

Male: Experts say, in fact, it’s a combination of two synthetic drugs that when snorted or smoked has the potential same effects as cocaine, but in many cases the reaction is far more dangerous.

Female: Cardiac distress, hallucinations, severe paranoia and complete disorientation.

Male: It induces a craving so strong that people continue to do more, and more and more of it to the point where they end up having either suicidal thoughts and in some cases kill themselves.

Male: Police say late last year in Louisiana a 21-year-old son of a doctor killed himself after ingesting bath salts. In Florida, cops say this woman was high on Bath Salt when she attacked her mother with a machete.

Federal agents tell the NBC-10 investigators the drug, manufactured in Europe, first hit Lousiana, Florida, North Dakota, Kentucky, Hawaii and Michigan just a few months ago, and within the past few weeks it’s made its way to our area.

Male: We’ve seized it here in Philadelphia area.

Male: The Philadelphia Poison Control Center says over the past few weeks they’ve seen 12 cases of Bath Salt overdoses, and the Pinnacle Health Toxicology Center in Harrisburg says they’ve seen a case per day over the past month.

Just to show how easy it is for anyone to get the drug the parents of the 16-year-old agreed to let her order a batch online. On the website, the brands have catchy names like Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Bliss and Ocean Burst.

Just days later the drugs arrive from England to our NBC-10 studios and what’s even more alarming, cops say they cannot stop the drugs because they are not illegal.

Male: We can’t legally charge someone with either possession or distribution.

Male: So, how would you know if your kid is using Bath Salt?

Female: When they’re using it they’re not eating at all sometimes for up to a week at a time, so you’re going to be seeing a kid who’s having dramatic weight loss, who’s not sleeping and who is extremely and disproportionately irritable.

Male: Experts say the symptoms will only get worse because users just can’t stop.

Female: It’s very addictive because of the way it impacts the brain.”

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Utica Common Council Bans Bath Salts, OK is this news? Sat, 21 Jul 2012 23:24:01 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]>

“Katie Corrado: The vote to ban the sale and possession of Bath Salts was unanimous. Common Councillor Jim McKenzie spearheaded the ordinance and says this city has to fight Bath Salts in every way it can.

Just yesterday, Utica police encountered a disturbed man who was saying he wanted to rip apart babies.

Jim McKenzie: We could be at the tip of just an explosion in the use of this product. I can’t understand why because the results are so horrible, but if we’re not careful to do something and do it right as best we can, we could see epidemic proportions.

Katie Corrado: The city also combatting Bath Salts from all different directions, even those that don’t exist yet.

Jim McKenzie: It pops up like popcorn. It’s over here one day, it’s on the other side of town the other day.

Katie Corrado: The Utica Common Council understands just how easy it is for these drug compounds to change so quickly and they’re working to make sure that the drugs can’t change faster than the laws.

The mayor says it’s necessary to combat synthetic drugs because they’re a problem for all.

Mayor: It’s an epidemic, not only through Utica, but throughout the area of central New York and reaching far greater than that.

Katie Corrado: The new ordinance will make Bath Salt sale and possession a violation punishable by a $250 fine or 15 days in jail. The mayor says he will sign the ordinance by tomorrow morning. In Utica, I’m Katie Corrado.”

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Enthusiasm to Buy Bath Salts Are At Its Peak Sat, 21 Jul 2012 23:02:58 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]> Presently, the craze among the individuals to buy bath salts is growing immensely. The bath salts are forms of drugs that leave bad effects on the human beings. It is necessary to check a product before you are purchasing it. However, no other alternative is there for you to check the nature of the bath salts like whether it is original or not. Therefore, it is advised that you should go purchasing these elements from an authorized dealer.

 Facts to consider before you buy bath salts:

While you decide to buy bath salts, you should consider some of the following facts:-

  •  In the market, you would come across several forms of bath salts, which are chemically researched and even are packed up in an efficient way. Moreover, they are being prepared with numerous RC’s and all of them have several respective effects.
  • Generally, individuals like to take it on a medium basis dosage of in order to be relieved from stress and some other tensions. It is also observed that people get attracted towards these bath salts to use as a replacement of other forms of drugs.
  • Some individuals are on the belief that bath salt can control their mood as per several situations if it is taken in a balanced way.
  • You should be aware of the rules and regulations of your place before purchasing the product as several countries have passed the order to ban the sale and the consumption of these drugs.
  • Health care practitioners are of the view that it can adversely affect the health of the individuals. The consumption of these products can have many problems such as:

-Pain in chest -High BP


-Increase in pulse rate

-Thoughts of suicide



-Depressional symptoms and many others.


  • There are chances that you completely get addicted towards the consumption of these drugs. Especially, it happens if you have addiction towards the drugs in either the past or present.

Hence, you should think of the aforesaid factors before you decide on purchasing the bath salts.

Ways to take the bath salts:

There are several ways to take the bath salts, which are given below:-


  • Snort
  • Smoke
  • Inhale
  • Consume and
  • Injected

Sources to buy bath salts:

The sources from where you can get the bath salts are enumerated as under:-


  • Smoke stores:

If you are on the verge of looking for the bath salts, you can check in the smoke stores as they are a good alternative to find such forms of drugs. Moreover, you can also look for it in your nearby mini mart.


  • Online stores:

This is a good medium to find all sorts of products for consumption. There are several stores online where you can get details for purchasing the bath salts. In addition, you would get time to look for yourself and decide on purchasing the product.

Thus, before you decide on purchasing the bath salts, you need to ensure that you are purchasing it from an authorized dealer as mentioned already and you also need to think on the consequences that it can have upon you.

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Amped Ladybug Attractant- A Synthetic Drug Thu, 19 Jul 2012 23:56:52 +0000 Bath Salt Drug Info Continue reading ]]> amped ladybug attractant bath saltsAmped ladybug attractant is a specific type of synthetic drug that falls under the category “bath salts”. It is a matter worth mentioning that laws have taken its own course and disapproved certain chemicals within this particular compound. Amped ladybug attractant is camouflaged as cleaners, incense and plant foods. In most cases, Amped ladybug attractant carries warning labels that warn against human consumption. The labels however do not contain the list of ingredients present in the compound. Individuals can always inject, smoke and grunt the bath salts too. It is a regrettable fact as well that the chemicals that form a part of this Amped ladybug attractant can cause immense health problem to a concerned individual and even can kill. Remember, physicians find it truly difficult to figure out the exact constituents ingested and hence it is the sole responsibility of the concerned individual to figure out the constituents necessarily consumed. Rose remarks that the drugs are similar to that of time bombs.

Possible Side Effects

A few of the other drugs that have similar amphetamine like qualities include ‘Cloud Nine’, ‘Ivory Wave’ and ‘Zoom’. Side effects associated with the consumption of this synthetic drug are as highlighted below:

  • Heart Rate
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Suspicion
  • Violent Behavior

It comes as a matter of great regret that individual who are using this specific type of drug even commit suicide on a regular basis. Physicians specifically warn the patients never to inject, ingest, breathe in and insufflate as doing so may cause immense negative effects. Injecting or consuming Amped ladybug attractant can cause severe side effects that may result in prolonged illness and death too. The reviews though speak well of this specific form of drug.

Does not Effect the Normal Appetite

Compared to the other types of stimulants available in the market place this type of drug does not interfere with the appetite of the concerned individual. In spite of consuming this specific type of drug you will feel hungry during the normal eating hours. It comes as welcome news that the duration of high is never prolonged and hence there is hardly any reason to get unduly worried about. You can always look about at the above-mentioned aspect in both a positive and negative manner. It would however be better to look at the above-mentioned aspect from a positive point of view.

The above-mentioned fact implies that you will be at ease while partying for the entire day as well as go to sleep during normal hours. However, remember that intake of amped ladybug attractant drug for an extended period is never desirable and therefore it is sought-after to be aware of as where to stop intake of this type of drug. If you are interested to gain more detailed facts about this specific type of drug then it is advisable to launch an exhaustive online research. At the websites you can easily gain detailed facts about the cost of this particular drug and study the customer reviews too. By studying the customer reviews you can make an appropriate decision.

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