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Delaware General Assembly Vote Against Bath Salts

Welcome to Update News Online. Newsperson: A designer drug has quickly provoked an aggressive reaction from legislative hall. The drug sold under the moniker “Bath Salts” has been temporarily declared a controlled substance. Under an emergency ruling signed by Delaware … Continue reading

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Synthetic Marijuana Deaths and Bath Salts Brian Ross: Welcome back, I’m Brian Ross in New York. They’ve been called time bombs; deadly, dangerous, legal synthetic drugs ticking away as users across the country, especially teens, experiment with what on the street are called bath salts. … Continue reading

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Methylone and 4FA (4-fluoroamphetamine) Combo

  This weekend was dedicated to the experimentation of the combination of Methylone (commonly found in many bath salts but ┬ábanned in most states) and 4-fluoroamphetamine. I really do not like snorting things especially methylone since it burns so much … Continue reading

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Daily Advocate Asks People on The Street About Bath Salts

I really wish Luke Moore would explain to these people what bath salts really are. I made the same mistake when I first heard about them and thought they were real bath salts being abused. The term “bath salts” gets … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Drug Epidemic

All right, let’s be serious for a minute. We are in the midst of an epidemic. I mean, it’s getting bad. What am I talking about? I’m talking about mephedrone. Some common slang names are meow-meow, mef (not meth, mef), … Continue reading

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Governor John Kasich Bans Bath Salts in Ohio

A dangerous substance that Ohio police have nicknamed “legal speed” is now illegal. Good evening. I’m Mark Allan. I’m Michelle Kingsfield. Governor John Kasich signed the bill banning bath salts this afternoon. The poweder will now be considered a drug, … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Finally Banned in Ohio It has been in the works for a while. It first started with Barberton, OH banning bath salts. Legislation was rapidly pushed through shortly after. Methylone, MDPV and Mephedrone are all on the list. No more fun in Ohio. … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Bans Bath Salts

Pennsylvania wasted no time in banning the substances associated with bath salts. They have a comprehensive list which includes mephedrone, MDPV and methylone. Here is the bill that was passed a few months ago: Jill Horner: Even synthetic forms … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Indiana | Banned

With the growing outbreak of bath salts abuse, Indiana has followed suit from states like Florida and has banned the distribution of MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone. Here is the bill that was passed recently Mark: There are dangerous substances … Continue reading

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Bath Salts Ban | Florida Legislature

Florida has pretty much banned all of the chemicals that have been labeled as bath salts to date. There maybe more in the future, but right now, Florida has a pretty tight hold on the situation. Here is the bill … Continue reading

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