Bliss Bath Salts Drug Review


Bliss Bath Salts Drug Review

I bought a thing of Bliss bath salts at the headshop for $50 for 300mg.  I talked the dude down from $70.  The little container had a little bit of off white powder in it.  I  just did it at my place watching  TV.  Split it up into like 6 big lines.  Burned like shit for a little while but the burn didn’t last long.  Within 30 minutes I felt really amped up like blow but more speedy feeling.  Felt pretty good and I did two more lines which knocked the feelings up a notch.  Heart was beating fast and I was sweating but feeling really good at this point.  Also feeling like I needed to do some more so I sniffed up the rest and laid on the bed not really listening to the TV but staring at the ceiling feeling jacked out of my mind. Had to get up and do something so I got up and walked outside to play with my dog.  I felt like he could definitely tell something was up with me and was looking at me real closely.  I threw his ball for him like 200 times until my arm was tired and I was sweating like a madman even though it was cold outside and I was in a t shirt and windpants and flip flops.  Still feeling the rush like 2 hours into it a called my friend and we talked for like 3 hours and by the end of it most of the feeling had gone away but I felt like I definitely wanted more.  Luckily nothing was open by that point so I just took some shots of SoCo and watched TV till I fell asleep.  Bliss was good but not worth the $50 I spent on it but I would definitely do it again if I could find it cheaper.  Probably will go with a different brand next time.

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13 Responses to Bliss Bath Salts Drug Review

  1. Ed P says:

    This is a knee jerk response to a benign event that if it never made all the local news stations would not have become an issue. It’s like so many other issues in society governement were it’s the politicians who create the problem. Who would have imagined buying bath salts could become the next way to get a legal high.

  2. Ed P says:

    Bath Salts? This is another knee jerk response to a benign event that if it never became the top story on the local news stations, none of this would not have became an issue. With so many real life problems in our struggling society it seems like our elected politicians enjoy creating crisis and drama. So the salts make the user feel a little better and yet anything that might help a person cope with a stressful day and go into the evening feeling better must be banned. The salts are benign and require excessive consumption to cause intoxication. At the same time the side effects of consuming such products would make a person very sick long before they become a menace to society. More likely they will probably 1) become too sick to leave their home or 2) feel clean and refreshed and then decide to stay home with the spouse and kids and watch a movie!
    When this story first became new it seemed like the players included the store owner as the drug dealers, the wary customer as the victum and the state as the hero who has saved our community and made society a better place for all.
    Now that’s better than my last post

    • C Daddy says:

      Ummm, they do NOT take large amounts to cause severe intoxication! In fact, the new “50 State Legal” stuff is insanely strong and is active at .15 mg’s!!! Do not take this stuff lightly like I did, very similar to doing a LOT of ritalin and can easily cause psychosis if not careful! I was spun for 12 hours off of about .2 mg’s!

    • Brenda Cole says:

      I would like to post a letter written by a mother who just lost her 30 year old daughter using this crap. This stuff is deadly and I am personally going to help pass Angie’sLaw, to ban the sale of this poison. I am not a conservative, I’ve dabbled in drugs, beat an addiction to crack, and still use marijuana, which I believe should be legalized and regulated. That said, these other poisons that are packaged to attract our kids need to be banned. They kill people. Here is the letter and the story of Angie.

      Lorrie Dooley Jones
      about a minute ago via
      the drug AMP: TAKE IT OFF THE SHELFS – Sign the Petition!
      Lorrie just signed this petition on
      34 signatures are still needed!
      Sign the Petition · via
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      Donna Kenyon Kroppposted toLorrie Dooley Jones
      3 minutes ago near Joppa
      Lorrie I am so sorry to hear that your daughter has passed. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you have found a way to carry on because I know your daughter would want you to, besides you have that beautiful boy to take care of also. I know your daughter is always there with you and you can talk to her just like you did before, she will answer you in your thoughts. You have my number if you ever need to talk please just call. Lots of love coming your way. Donna
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      Dawn Whalenposted toLorrie Dooley Jones
      12 minutes ago near Edgewater Park, NJ
      My thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.
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      Lorrie Dooley Jones updated her profile picture.
      19 minutes ago

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      Lorrie Dooley Jones shared a link.
      23 minutes ago near Roanoke, VA
      Bath salt abuse on rise in Roanoke Valley
      Lorrie Jones believes a ladybug attractant called “Amped” pushed her daughter further into addiction.
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      Lorrie Dooley Jones shared a link.
      24 minutes ago near Roanoke, VA
      Home Page
      Check out! Home Page
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      Lorrie Dooley Jones
      32 minutes ago near Roanoke, VA
      I am truly sorry to my many beautiful friends and family here on FB that I have not been able to give any news or updates etc., my heart and life have been torn apart and I truly could not even find any words to explain what was going on…THANK EVERYONE for the BEAUTIFUL WORDS AND SHOWING OF LOVE AND SUPPORT I FOUND WHEN I JUST NOW LOGGED INTO FB for the 1st time in many days….God Bless you all!!! and I love you dearly….now I will let everyone know what has happened since my last update…..My daughter Angie fell into the loving arms of Jesus on 4/25/2012. She had struggled with addiction for a while now….she had found a place near Chicago who had agreed to take her in for a 6-12 month treatment. The Christian based organization was awaiting her to go thru a local detox facility before coming there…Angie called daily to many places hoping for a space to be available for her detox…but kept hearing sorry but we have no female beds available call back tomorrow. The week of our tragedy alone we were at the ER twice, they said they looked for her a bed anywhere within a 200 mile area, but there was none. The last day she went to ER was thursday 4/19/12 were she spent most of the day, still no bed for her… approx 11pm I get the call any mother dreads…stating my daughter had died….I do not remember much at that point, we flew to hospital and hours later found that Jeff her boyfriend had came by her house found her in the bed stating I feel like i am going to be sick, he went down stairs and made her a drink and food and when he got back up stairs he found she had vomited and was unresponsive…he began CPR, he ran across the street and had neighbor call 911 and went back to doing cpr…when medics arrived she had no signs of heart beat…they finally was able to shock her 3x no response, 4x no response and as the medic put the defib back into the box he pulled it out and said she is only 31 I am trying again…at that moment they got her heart back!!!
      My vision was what miracle we have, she will come out of this and share her story and save many lives and children from drugs etc….they then placed her into medical coma and did what they called a freeze, they slowly froze her body temp hoping to reduce the brain damage since her heart had stopped for over 20-30 mins at least…then we had 2 more days of thawing and getting her temp to normal, during all this they gave us little hope since they said she had none of the reflexes she should have even in a coma..but I never gave up hope but rather began planning how us as a family would help our baby girl tell her story of how she came back from death and warn others of dangers….they told us her heart was only functioning at 20% and she was having horrible seizures that started lasting up to 20mins, they gave her 5x the legal dose of anti-seizure meds..nothing stopped them…after they finally was able to do a mri they told me and her dad that every part of her brain was dead and the only part working was the stem which was why she had heart beat and breathing….then they explained that each seizure was causing her very swollen brain to be pushed down and into her spinal column, I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW THOSE WORDS FELT, NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE, THE NEXT 24 HOURS I LITERALLY LAYED ACROSS MY DAUGHTERS BODY TRYING TO KEEP IT FROM BREAKING IN HALF WHEN SeIZING, finally we decided to do what ever we could to make her the most comfortable and had them remove the ventolator, they moved us into a hospice room were me and many many many of her family stayed by her side. She was no longer sizing PRAISE GOD!!!! for 17 hours my baby breathed on her own, fought as hard as she could…I was laying in her bed holding her in my arms as if a new born baby when she took her last breath….I am so BLESSED TO HAVE THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS I HAVE, THEY NEVER LEFT OUR SIDE…LOTS OF FAMILY THAT HAD DRIFTED APART WAS REUINITED AND THAT IN ITSELF IS A MIRACLE …BUT I WANT TO THANK MY LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST…who has held me up in his arms and carried me even now…my pain is beyond imagination my emptiness even more…..MY DAUGHTER WILL HELP OTHERS IN THE FUTURE, WE HAVE SET UP A NON-PROFIT CALLED ANGIESGIFT.ORG WITH THE HOPES OF FINDING A SANCTUARY FOR OTHERS WHO FIGHT ADDICTION AND WANT HELP, SOMEWHERE THEY CAN GO FOR THAT 24-72 HRS UNTIL A BED IS AVAILABLE SOMEWHERE IN A REHAB OR CARE FACILITY…AS LONG AS THERE IS A BREATH IN MY BODY I WILL FIGHT FOR THIS IN HER HONOR!!!!! i ALSO WILL BE FIGHTING FOR “ANGIE’S” LAW…right now if you walk into a hospital they can not refuse you for ability to pay, and right now if you walk in and say i am going to kill myself they will keep you even if they have no bed, so i want a law if an addict walks in with open arms and heart and says help me…i want them to have that same right…put them somewhere…it takes a lot of courage for them to walk in to begin with, i know 1st hand how they feel when they get sent out with no help…and i can only imagine the precious lives that have been lost by them being turned away……i am attaching more info on angie’s website and our local news story…a couple weeks ago Angie was introduced to something called amped, it is sold legally at cigarrette stores, they state its a ladybug attractant but every person specially parents need to know about this demon that is stealing lives!!!! in the week since i have lost Angie, I know of 8 deaths, 1 person who jumped from window and i who lost her arm, i had strangers contacting me to ask me to help this battle and i am…i was on our local news last night and the battle has begun to get this stuff banned!!! again God Bless you alll for my beautiful words i found tonight when i signed on…they mean more than you will ever know

      • joshua butler says:

        i just bout the amped product 2 hours ago for the first time …i have somewhat small anxiety issues from doing excasty in 99 and 2000….im 32 about the age of your daughter….im a christian 2 and have been struggling with a pain pill addiction since 2004 when i lost my only brother in the army ….when he left we really wont gettin along good like usual and now he’s gone … my best friend .. i still believe he’s just going to show up some day…at times im still devistated …i guess i was lookin to see if this stuff would hurt you…i should have said this in the begining…im sorry for your loss…i know bout loss.. but i dont know if i can kick this opiate habbit…. i’ve tried methadone clinic and cold turkey at home … i just cant seem to make it through the sickness…i pray daily…pray for me too…my name’s josh..i live in virginia…i’ve said enough i guess…thanks mrs. jones for your time…ur daughters life will never be in vein…look how much joy she brought to your life for 30 years…im sure im not telling you nothing ….im sure she was great …ecspecially cause of the wonderful mother she had… now she waits with my brother with jesus until we seem them again…good nite

      • John Richards says:

        problem with Dooley’s approach: you can’t outlaw stupidity. Ban all the stuff you want, drug abusers are going to find drugs to abuse in EXCESS which causes DEATH.

      • downtown says:


        go back to bible study charletan…..

  3. Billy says:

    I tried the amped and now i feel sick to my stomach!!! Seriously weird feeling in my heart. i only did about a half a gram. Or .500 mg. That was not enough for me. Hey there cdaddy…..2mg shouldnt have done a damn thing if you arean experienced user of any kind. I recommend that you stop taking the shit. Just a word of advice, don’t try any street drugs…..Like meth….You could die if you do. or seriously freak out and kill people or some shit. I hope you had mistaken bout the amount, Or if not….then you need it banned for yourself. I dont believe in the ban at all. Dont get me wrong about that…I thing we should be able to shoot fucking rat poison, if that is what we want to do. This is america and I believe that people should have the right to do any god damn Thing that WE THE PEOPLE so choose. End of FUCKING STATEMENT!!!!! But one more thing…. DONT TRY THE FUCKING AMPED EXUBERANCE POWDER. OTHERWISE KNOWN AS LADYBUG ATTRACTANT. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO ATTRACT LADY BUGS ANY DAMN WAY??/??????????????

  4. Billy says:

    I am awaiting my first and only order (so far at least….) from the BuZz. That is what I have been calling this place. Lol. I hope that it is and will be the first of many orders. 4-Fma, is what I am currently doing all of my classified research on. the research being conducted, for those of you that are interested, is the determination of weather it will actually cause lab rats to ‘fail’ a UA exam. This will be posted on the site as soon as my package arrives and I get the chance to research the matter to a further and hopefully…..EXTENSIVE…..point. I love researching all chemicals at least one time. But my future research will be the most extensive ever performed in American history. At least that is my goal. You will all wonder why did he do it? Why is he going to do that to HIMSELF and his own life? The reason is simple folks…..I have to do the research for all of YOU. I am a chemically unbalanced and maintenance deprived individual who loves the way it feels to be this way. I hate the way I feel about all of the retched life forms we call Human Beings but they are an abomination on society and the planet that we have ALL grown to love with such dear fondness…………I don’t know, maybe I did it because I am Mentally challenged or retarded per se. But I Like to BELIEVE that I am doing all of us a huge favor. Let me know what you think about all of my future researching and chemical compound mixtures and composure’s of whatever you have decided for me to research……just let me know what you want to research and I will do it for you FREE of charge! The research is the best way to handle all of these still legal compounds that will not be taken by our SO CALLED Government officials that are trying to strip us of all of our rjghts!!! Don’t let them do it.
    Oh, by the way….This is not me I am talking to right now. I am currently under lots of pressure from my boss. He stresses the fact that we get tested everyday just on the off chance that we may have ingested some of these RESEARCH CHEMICALS. He does approve accidents on the tests of course. Because it is our jobs to hold and work with these chemicals nearly everyday of our lives… I am just saying that if I happened to have a little of the new researching teams tested……it might turn up positive for various research chemicals. They seem to all (3 teams) be suffering from some sort state of un-subconscientiousness at nite and in the early morning. But by lunch they are so engrossed in the research projects that they are not even eating lunch at all??? It seems that the Rats got out of their cages at some point and got loose in the lab as well. I haven’t seen any Rats in a Long time……I am just saying….why am I here right now newayz ~~~~~~~~~>>> Here is why….I LOVE MY JOB and it pays rather well at that. Being a chemist/Scientist has its very MINOR cons….BUT IT HAS ITS PRIVELEDGES AS WELL. LKE GETTING TO WITNESS ALL THESE CRAZY EMPLOYEES OF MINE SCATTER ALL OVER THE PLACE AFTER ONLY ONE DAY OF CONSTANT RESEARCHING. AMPED EXUBERANCE POWDER is not a good one….. Today we tried our 6th actual product of resarch with white lab rats. They were feeling a little funny at first. They had a slight but noticable diolation of the pupils. But nothing has taken these little lab rats even close to where they are from. They can handle pretty much any other thing that we gave them here in our prior testing studies. They are still trying several things out as we speak…..I saw the pupils myself. I was entering data from across the room tonight and one ran up really fast but didnt stop first. It was weird I think. Having a giant rat run at you from across the rooom at a rate of speed that I have never seen before now, Except in movies like NEW JACK CITY….We also vaporized some of the Solvent and then lady bugs really did come and see what it was about….I was totally confused as I am quite so right now……These events are really kind of new and I have not yet recorded the data . I do the nite befores data every day when I can or get the time away from the Lab rats. I think I am taking a day off tomorrow though. I have to have a break at aome point in time. Well…. that is a regular day in the life of mine. Chemical Researching at it’s finest I must say so myself. Oh and by the way….DO NOT try the attractant. It almost killed a few of the lady bugs when we vaporised it in this research study. I don’t really care about lady bugs today or have I ever before. SO AGAIN DON”T TRY THIS EXUBERANT. I can’t stress this enough!!!! I had received it from a WICKED They have not had anywhere near what I am expecting for My Research and development teams to study exclusively. They basically have nothing that I have found to be worth a study in exclusivity or even in moderation. However I have VERY HIGH HOPES for the BuZz!!! you young stable minds need these chemicals so you can deal with old folks like myself…….Come on now kids…..don’t get angry at Daddy!!!! Especially when he is really relying on only you all to help me with this stomach acid of a society, by making way for a new year and NEW WAY OF LIFE!!! A new found freedom in AMERICA where all chemicals of any kind are not banned. Just so everyone knows….the ban of the last set of chems is not in effect fully uness they make it a permaenant bill in MARCH OF THIS YEAR!!! Soooo….Call your local state reps and tell them to vote NO on an extension. However they are promoted on televisions….brought home by your teens and you are asking them what kind of research did they do today???? Telling them they are grounded for whatever reason you might make up to keep them “sheltered” away in your house all their lives. Just know this fact……… WILL NOT stop the research from being done. It is Just prolonging the inevitable folks. Americans all want to do good on things they take on in their lives. Like I want my research to go really well. I am typing all of this to let you all know one thing for sure…..I <3 CHEMICALS!!! I always have and always will. Chemistry is a way of life for me. I hope that after you read this i might have even offended you a little bit. Because a good story, or research paper should make you do it all…..Laugh, cry, maybe get a little mad, or even vomit in your mouth……even if it is just a little tiny bit. I will continue to monitor the Lab Rats this morning and post their progress tonight on the way home, just like always. But I am patiently awaiting what I think may just be the best damn chemical I have researched to date!!!!! Keeping the 'ole fingers crossed that I get it today and all is fine. The customs thing always bothers me more than it should, because of the rude and pathetic people running customs these days. They have no life so they have to mess with scientific research occaisionally, Oh well… really does take all kinds to make theworld go around , Huh? They have the right as Americans to not like what I do for whatever reason they seem fit. Just like I have the right to love working with and researching chems from all over the world. They can shove it up their unlighted path if you know what I am saying!!!! Lol. Have fun. BE SAFE, and ENJOY your lives people!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I am saying. I Look forward to writing on her again REAL SOON. Thank you.

    • Gary says:

      That was worth ready. Words right outta my mouth. Gov is always having to dump on my “our” parade. No matterwhat they try they will never get what they want. They should give up! They love to waste there time on something that is invisible to society, and; if respectfully consumed and restained without side effects that over power the reason for doing it; then continue the search for the best legal high. Because thats im living and i couldnt be more happpy and successful due to “bath salts” that supposedly kill people. Propoganda is pussy”

  5. BK Turner says:

    Truly sorry to hear about the love ones lost to any drug, or young impetuous actions, very sad, however it lead ones to consider the possibility that if these products were not so readily available, do you think the outcome may have been different? I would hope so, but the stats. sadly say no, people that abuse drugs or liquor will find a way to get their “fix” no matter what and they end up with the same result…reality is drugs and alcohol, don’t give people alone, people help kill those people.

  6. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll
    check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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