Bath Salts Indiana | Banned

With the growing outbreak of bath salts abuse, Indiana has followed suit from states like Florida and has banned the distribution of MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone. Here is the bill that was passed recently

Mark: There are dangerous substances that can cause hallucinations or even violence, and surprisingly, you can still buy them in tobacco stores. But not for much longer. News Channel 15’s Adam Widener talked with officials in Huntington today about bath salts. Adam, they told you they can’t come off the shelves fast enough.

Adem Widener: Yeah, Mark. We first told you about the bath salts back in March. They’re similar to a cocaine or a meth. Today, we discovered that legislators made it illegal to sell the substance, by lumping it in together with the synthetic marijuana band.

Jaime Groves: People who are selling it in their stores right now are going to have to get rid of it. It’s got to go.

Adam Widener Voice Over: They’re dangerous drugs being used across the state—addictive, deadly, and legal.  Jaime Groves: It’s something that’s come in wave, and everybody all of a sudden is trying to react to it.

Adam Widener Voice Over: Bath salts are substances similar to cocaine or meth. They can cause hallucinations, increased heart rate, and have exploded in popularity in Huntington County. Authorities there are full of stories about bath salt users.

Terry Stoffel: That was his fourth day there with no sleep, and he had been constantly using bath salts to stay up. It’s that much of a stimulant.

Jaime Groves: So the concern is when you’ve got someone who’s obviously not in their right mind also caring for their child, and I’m talking like a baby, you’re worried a little bit about that.

Adam Widener Voice Over: They’re sold in tobacco stores across the state. A secretary for the sheriff’s department showed us how easy they are to get in Huntington. She wasn’t even carded when she bought them. We saw how easy it was to buy bath salts right there in Huntington County, so we thought we’d go inside and check it out for ourselves.

Female Store Clerk: I have no idea. I don’t do them. Don’t know anything about them.

Adam Widener Voice Over: Authorities are upset stores continue to sell the dangerous drugs, hoping they would dump them now and not wait for the deadline.

Jaime Groves: I don’t think they recognize how badly it’s going to affect their lives and how quickly addictive it can become.

Adam Widener: Now, police in Saline, Ohio say that bath salt hallucinations were the cause of a shooting there. The ban should go into effect in Indiana July 1st.  Live in news control, Adam Widener, News Channel 15.

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14 Responses to Bath Salts Indiana | Banned

  1. ThisGuy says:

    Seriously? they are calling head shops “tobacco shops” but bath salts are making people kill each other. Just goes to show how much the media smokes down, but can’t find time to get a new piece and peruse their local head shop.

  2. Bout Time says:

    About time this dangerous drug is banned in Indiana what took so long

  3. Kurtis Robinson says:

    For real get a life bath salt and the drugs or whatever ur saying is in it ain’t that bad it’s no worse then alcohol I think u shouldn’t knock something till u have actually tried it ur self and I am a father of a beautiful little girl and I would much rather her use bath salt that she can legally purchase in a store then to cop (which for u idiots means get on the streets) illegal drugs from a drug dealer on the streets who might rob her or even kill or rape her. I mean u will not ban alcohol but u will put bans and laws against n e thing people try to get high on just get over it people have been getting high forever and u will never b able to stop it atleast this way for all u political people ur keeping productive citizens out of our jails that ur tax money is paying for to fees and clothe and feed and for all u know the person on death row u r supporting with ur tax money could b a child rapist or god knows what atleast this way ur putting money back into the pockets of the American working man and woman….SO I THINK THAT OHIO NEEDS TO MAKE A STAND AND NOT BAN AND SHOW THE REST OF THE U.S THAT NOT EVERYTHING IS SO BAD….

    • salttttyyy says:

      i agree with you 100 percent bub, i love mdpv too.. just remind her not to do too much at once cuz it will kill ya.. im not preachin or anything.. i dont know why im telling you this.. im sure you know if you take 15 tylenols its gonna kill you.. lol.. sorry homie for wasting your time.. go to google and type in erowid mdpv .. and it will give you every bit of info you need to know about anything.. its awesome.. kick in time.. how long the come up last.. the plateu last.. and the comedown last.. not to mention testimonys of lots of peeps.. telling what there first time and best and worst times was like.. and things they mixed with it that made it better n worse!.. peace homie

      • Shane says:

        Hey bro can you email me or something ? I have some questions about where or how I can get some salt!!! I used to get the bonzai plant food and the raveon then it was bliss then loci and then hookah cleaner and now I can’t find it and don’t know where to check. So please hit me back ASAP AMD help me out if you can!

  4. Tracy says:

    Kurtis is an idiot and i pray for his daughter. with a father like Kurtis, she does not stand a chance.

    • salttttyyy says:

      yeah tracy im sure while your daughter is out slamming a beer at a party playing beerpong waiting for the gangbang to commence, you are right by her side passing out condoms… mother of the year right here!!! you probably dont even have kids because your such a boring excuse of a person nobody will give it to you.. most ppl who are actovist against personal liberties are old as dirt, or fat housewives living in nice homes there EXXXXXX husbands paid for.. cuz they couldnt put up with you thru the years…. but hey.. if your hot.. im single ;) hahahhahaha

  5. Tanya says:

    I am living in Indiana and these party stores, etc. Are still selling it. Whatever people want to say about this I am watching someone I really care about lose his life over this drug. His mother and sister use it and there are small children in the house. I have watched them steal, barter, lie, whatever to get this crap!!! Wake up people and get something done about this before more families are destroyed!!!!

  6. exdruguse says:

    YOU NEED TO OFFER HELP to friends and family if you feel they need help with any problem or addiction. DON’T just use them as an example while trash talking about anyone’s personal opinion about “drugs”(alcohol, prescriptions, narcotics, etc..) legal or not.” MY OPINION” is.. LEGALIZE IT!, TAX IT!, take the money out of Criminal hands and use it to EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN!

  7. Corey says:

    Kurtis has a good point this stuff is just as bad as alcohol and cigarettes so our bias and worthless christian lawmakers need to ban them all or atleast legalize marijuana all ready considering its safer then alcohol and tobacco. I used it heavily 4.0 gpa and was in my best shape ever. Now that I can’t I lost my lust for life and i’m overweight.

  8. salttttyyy says:

    anyone in there right mind investigates the things they take beforehand, erowid is a great site for that.. they give testimonials, both good and bad… they tell you the goods and bads of each pharm, plant, psych, etc… so that you are well informed of what could happen.. i cant tell you how many times erowid has saved my ass from mixing things that would have killed me.. they dont endorse anything, they just want the facts out there.. and thank goodness for them cuz i like to experement with alot of stuff, well ive done everything but angeldust.. and i dont want to lol… and i never got hooked on ANYTHING except PHARMASUDICALS….. the shit the govmnt made.. thankssss reps and dems!!! … all other shit should be legal begal.. as long as the damn gov ment doesnt get involved im down with it.. they had me on 170 mg of liquid methadone a day… turned me into the most aggressive person you would never wanna meet.. the whole world was against me in my eyes n i wanted to fight everyone.. i got into 2 fightsa month atleast.. cops called all the time because of it, i tried ripping a guys ear off in a bar as i was beating him in the face with my other hand… the dude killed himself the next day.. n i gotta live with that all because of fucking methadone and xanax…if u do do dones and bars, just dont get carried away like i did.. 170 mg a day liquid dones and 20 blue xans a day.. i wasnt a person, i was a bobblehead…. id nod out burn holes in everything, attack everyone i loved cuz i was so defensive.. n here we are talking about a stupid mdpv powder that puts you in a good mood.. n makes you alert.. grow the fuck up people this is ridiculous.. the government can kill us and change who we are through prescriptions but we cant handle a lil pick me up.. its people like you that are getting states to ban the shit cuz you open your snitch ass mouths… how about this.. ur kids and loved ones killed themselves cuz they didnt like theyre lives, just like most people do… and i dont see no problem with suicide.. if your life is that bad… then so be it.. an internity of sleep doesnt sound too bad compared to putting up with alot of the douchebags in this country.. and chances are its the religous nuts who are behind this whole thing, well heres a FACT religion has killed MILLIONS more ppl that drugs ever has.. and RELIGION ISNT EVEN REALLLLL!!!! a made up book has killed more ppl than drugs… you might as well say the little engine that could killed millions of ppl.. because i’d believe a train talking, over the bible, or the kuran, or any other religous made up ass book.. you are all in a fucking cult!!!!!!! notice how only less than like 20 scientist believe in creationism???? and those 20 are lying JUST IN CASSSSSEEEE theres a invisible guy in the sky stalking us!!just like most religious ppl do… they know its crap.. they pick and choose what they want to believe, because they dont believe it… they are just terrified of what is after death! well i dont know what is after death.. but im not scared of it and i wont live my life for something or someone else who doesnt even exist.. and the great part about it is.. if I AM WRONGGGG…we will all STILL go to the same place.. we are all the same, humans, animals, reptiles, flowers, mammals, birds, grass, trees, .. we are all the sameeee.. we are all energy… the only difference is we have evolved alot more than most other things (on this planet)… on other planets there are some far above us and some far below us… instead of getting on the internet and protesting someone snorting something that makes there lifes BETTER… go out and make your life better.. and learn something!! (preferably something you are totally against… because chances are, you wont look at it in the same way ever again and it will open up your narrow mind just a lil bit to realise that everything you have been taught is a lie!!!” GOD BLESSSSSSSSSSSS hahahhahaaha

  9. Jessica says:

    They are STILL selling these “bath salts” in the head shops here in Indiana! They were supposed to be “banned” July 1st…here we are January and they’re still selling!! They just call them different things. “pleasure cream” is something they’re calling them now. All they did was take some of the ingredients out and add some other stuff to it. Not even a year ago my long-time boyfriend of 13 years, the father of my child took up doing these “bath salts”. Now…he is dead due to the effects they had on him. I know, I know!! He was a grown man and knew better than to do these things. But, WHY were they on the shelf in the 1st place?! Banned my ass!! These things are still SO easy to get!! Its ridiculous!!

  10. Peter says:

    Mephedrone is very good one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life.

  11. Jwinters14 says:

    Why is it the government have to fuck up what makes peaple feel good? It may not be physically good for the body but its are life if we want real energy we have to get it illegal since the salt epedimic meth cooking has droped by 20 percent. Itll be on the rise now though. its not the drug do all the bad shit its the peaple that cant handle it !! united states is supposed to be about FREEDOM im wondering wheres the FREEDOM at??? Law makers always think they know whats best. All they know is how to be dicks after all it was taxed . The thing is ive never even done bath salt but caffeine dont work for me. Alcohol makes peaple do stupid shit too so why is it still leagal??

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