Amped Ladybug Attractant- A Synthetic Drug

amped ladybug attractant bath saltsAmped ladybug attractant is a specific type of synthetic drug that falls under the category “bath salts”. It is a matter worth mentioning that laws have taken its own course and disapproved certain chemicals within this particular compound. Amped ladybug attractant is camouflaged as cleaners, incense and plant foods. In most cases, Amped ladybug attractant carries warning labels that warn against human consumption. The labels however do not contain the list of ingredients present in the compound. Individuals can always inject, smoke and grunt the bath salts too. It is a regrettable fact as well that the chemicals that form a part of this Amped ladybug attractant can cause immense health problem to a concerned individual and even can kill. Remember, physicians find it truly difficult to figure out the exact constituents ingested and hence it is the sole responsibility of the concerned individual to figure out the constituents necessarily consumed. Rose remarks that the drugs are similar to that of time bombs.

Possible Side Effects

A few of the other drugs that have similar amphetamine like qualities include ‘Cloud Nine’, ‘Ivory Wave’ and ‘Zoom’. Side effects associated with the consumption of this synthetic drug are as highlighted below:

  • Heart Rate
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Suspicion
  • Violent Behavior

It comes as a matter of great regret that individual who are using this specific type of drug even commit suicide on a regular basis. Physicians specifically warn the patients never to inject, ingest, breathe in and insufflate as doing so may cause immense negative effects. Injecting or consuming Amped ladybug attractant can cause severe side effects that may result in prolonged illness and death too. The reviews though speak well of this specific form of drug.

Does not Effect the Normal Appetite

Compared to the other types of stimulants available in the market place this type of drug does not interfere with the appetite of the concerned individual. In spite of consuming this specific type of drug you will feel hungry during the normal eating hours. It comes as welcome news that the duration of high is never prolonged and hence there is hardly any reason to get unduly worried about. You can always look about at the above-mentioned aspect in both a positive and negative manner. It would however be better to look at the above-mentioned aspect from a positive point of view.

The above-mentioned fact implies that you will be at ease while partying for the entire day as well as go to sleep during normal hours. However, remember that intake of amped ladybug attractant drug for an extended period is never desirable and therefore it is sought-after to be aware of as where to stop intake of this type of drug. If you are interested to gain more detailed facts about this specific type of drug then it is advisable to launch an exhaustive online research. At the websites you can easily gain detailed facts about the cost of this particular drug and study the customer reviews too. By studying the customer reviews you can make an appropriate decision.

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