Bath Salts Drug Info is a blog that aggregates information involving the use of legal drugs being sold as “bath salts”. There are several chemicals that are being labeled as “bath salts”: Mephedrone, Methylone and Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MPDV). The effects of these drugs resemble ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines. There have been hundreds of bath salts related crimes, hospitalizations and deaths. They can be snorted, ingested or injected. There is a growing epidemic revolving around the distribution and consumption of bath salts.

A lot of the stories and articles here are true stories and based on true stories. The articles about experiences with illegal drugs are more than likely a stretch of the imagination. Illegal and legal drugs render you stupid, unconscious, horny, agitated, paranoid, irritated and all sorts of other ups and downs. I’m sure bath salts are no different. Drugs are bad, don’t do them.

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  1. James says:


    • Stephanie says:

      Oh my god i totally agree. i have not done it but my boss does and he shot hole in his house trying to kill a spider that wasnt there and hes broke out with like herpes all over his body….even his face its killing him and tons of other people….stop the madness!!!!!!!

  2. sspudnick says:

    I dont quite understand why you just link to a bunch of videos and transcribe everthing is says….then you never say what YOUR opinion on the video is…

    I could be very wrong here, but isnt this a blog about bath salts? It’s all fine and well to keep is posted on the current legal standings of the stuff a round the country, but to use those videos (and what is said in the) as a way to fill up the page, instead of talking about things yourself….What’s really the point?

    I was actually excited to find a blog by someone who likes them, but being an avid blog reader, I can tell you, this isnt much of a blog as it is a collection of media footage on the matter. No offense.

    Come on! I, at least, wanna hear what you have to say! Get this stuff out there. MAKE people listen, and let others know there’s a website they can go to feel comfortable about the issue. Anyways, im lecturing, certainly didnt mean to do that, and I CERTAINLY meant NO offense by this post. Just my observation.

    Hope you read if, and if you did, thank you very much.

    Take it easy brother/sister.


    • Bath Salt Drug Info says:

      Hey Spud. You are absolutely right. I stopped using bath salts since they have been banned in most states so I haven’t really kept up with the blog too much. The only content I can provide easily are the youtube videos. It is kinda lame, I know. On some of the video post I would post a link to the legislation for each state and explain which chemicals are banned. It was interesting because some states leave out Methylone which is probably the best one out of the three main chemicals, MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone.

      I am glad you wrote this comment. Perhaps I will work a little harder on getting some quality content on the site. If you have any more suggestions I would love to hear. Maybe I could start a forum for people to post their experiences with bath salts? Personally, I had some ups and downs with it. It’s a crazy drug and I can see how people really fuck their lives up. Luckily I didn’t get too crazy and I still have a decent job and friends. I hope you get this reply. Thanks again.

  3. Valerie Elden says:


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  4. Rick says:

    Anybody wanna talk about using bathsalts? I love it. I used to eat a lot of ecstacy and i did a lot of coke and still smoke weed. Its nice to be able to get a little of the good of those other drugs, but not be breaking any laws. So much in the news recently about bath salts dangers, but nobodys giving news coverage to all the people doing crazy shit because theyre on crack, or pcp, or alcohol, or cough syrup. Why not? Because its not interesting. And you know what else, every time these stupid news people do a story on bath salts dangers, some kid sees it and wants to try them. Its like free advertisement for the bath salts sellers. News stories tell where theyre sold, how people ingest them, prices, everything you need to know. What the fuck is wrong with society. If you think its soo bad that people do bath salts QUIT FUCKING TALKING ABOUT IT IN ALL THE MAJOR MEDIA. ALL IT DOES IS SPREAD THE WORD THAT YOU CAN GET HIGH FROM THE SHIT AND MAKES MORE PEOPLE GO TRY IT.

    And you know what else can kill you? PEANUTS thats what. Yes more people die every day from allergies to peanuts than all the types of bathsalts combined. But peanuts arent illegal.
    Also, some people are addicted to peanuts, they cant stop eating them.
    So whats up with that? Bathsalts users against peanuts up in this bitch!!!!!

  5. Krazee says:

    I like to get a 8 ball of coke and and about a 8 ball of bathsalts and mix it all up together and BOOM i got a quarter ounce of speed bath. It lathers my bitches up real niiccee. Some times I smoke it out of a test tuuubbee.

  6. Tom says:

    Anyone have any info on how to produce this stuff?

  7. nothing says:

    This website absolutely sucks. Anytime I want an answer on a bathsalt brand, question, concern, whatever, I am always directed here, and then am revealed to the fact that “No Info Found”. This is a pathetic site whether you are pro or anti chemicals sold to get you high with a comical label such as, “shit stink remover”. Don’t hold a “Shit stink remover info” site if you can’t A. inform people why shit stinks and B. can’t mask the odor of your shit. Again You Suck….. Oh, I forgot the comment after suck?? No pause, just suck it

    • Bath Salt Drug Info says:

      I am still working on the site my friend. What were you searching for exactly? I had some issues with my site getting hacked and shutdown because of too much traffic. What I would like is to build a forum where my users can generate the content and add value to a discussion. Go easy on me, it is a work in progress :) Thanks for the input.

  8. Brendizzle says:

    Im looking everywhere for bathsalts… I live in Toledo ohio and they have NOT put the ban on them here yet. I’ve been wanting to try and find out if they’re really as ” bad” as what I’ve been hearing. People make it sound so intimidating! I’m hoping this might be comparable to the adderall high. Heavenly… If anyone could please tell me where in Toledo I can find, I’d be greatly appreciative to you! Thanks so much

  9. Brendizzle says:

    Sorry… Please email me at brendizzle333@gmail.com. Everyone have a good 1

  10. hines ward says:

    weather radar
    Thought provoking enough, your post gets me thinking about what I can do. leap year

  11. Joe Doe says:

    The whole Spice/POTpourri (synthetic WEED) or Bath Salt/ Glass cleaner (synthetic SPEED) issue just shows the Blatant Hypocrisy in the whole SYSTEM. I have said and think may be true that the only reason they are allowing “Smoke Shops” to legally profit off of selling these DESIGNER DRUGS legally is they want us to be F’d up or generally distracted to the literal “$hit” that is hitting the fan at the present moment. Plus they get Sales Taxes off of this legal dope and provide an alternative to the Illegal Drug market that they normally control the supply of. After we invaded Afganistan the opium trade out of that country went to almost none, Taliban fought to eradicate Opium from their country, to Record Breaking levels of opium production after the Americans made deals with the Opium LORDS back, pre- 9/11 mind u, in MARCH of 2011. Here is a beautiful link to a graph that explains more than words can tell

    Drugs Have and Will continue to both Hamper individuals but also Help others to expand their mind and push their body to superhuman levels. Any drug either Illegal or Legal should be RESPECTED. Proper Dose – Proper Time – Proper Drug – Proper Route. And allways respect for the drug that you are injesting be it Tylenol, Alcohol, THC, Salvia (*note* legal but crazier than acid), Ridolin, Aspertaine, Sleeping Pills, Muscle Relaxers, Legal Pain Killers and illegal ones, and even Caffeine kills 1K-10K people a year. Just trying to say like I tell people every day BE SMART and Respectful and know your history and how things are and came to be. THX for your time if you want to contact me e-mail me at
    I like to help mankind as much as I can by whatever means at my disposal. “Cio” and live every day like its your last because even crossing the road or getting in a car is just about the most dangerous thing you could ever do :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know about this new shit “Monstar Glass Acrylic Cleaner”? What the hell is in it? Or “pump it up”?

  13. Dana says:

    Sooo how come I can’t register on your site. I’m not law enforcement or anything. I’m just a self-professed nerd and chemistry enthusiast who happens to direct most of my current intrest into the cathinone group of chemicals. Dear God, did I say that outloud?
    Anyway, if there is something special I need to do (no running, please), e-mail me and I will comply.

    • Dana says:

      Oh yeah…bath salts do damage to your basal ganglia that could possibly be permanent (that part controls feeling and movement, motor skills, anxiety level, motivation, and pleasure). I wouldn’t want to risk forever being an anxious, amotivated clutz who can’t have an orgasm. The more you know…

  14. TheBathSaltExperiment says:

    I tried the bathsalt or “fake cocaine” the otherday, not sure the difference i guess its the same thing. But all i know is anyone who has ever done real cocaine or amphetamine this stuff is bullshit.lol . The only way i can describe it is that it gets you kinda to that point where your like tweeking ya know……..but not quite. The main thing i felt from it was that numb feeling in your chest and a slight cocaine cough, nothing special. I think if i would have ate a tube of orajel i would have got the same effect.Another thing i wanted to point out is that it made me extremely disoriented where i couldnt concentrate on one thing for more than a minute.Very irritating. Bathsalts, not my cup of tea.

  15. Nathan says:

    I love bath salts. When used in moderation they are great. Would love to find a legitimate supplier.

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