Are People Still Selling Bath Salts?

The Federal government dropped the hammer back in July 2011. Several chemicals labeled as “bath salts” (mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone) were banned and rendered schedule I controlled substances. Are any brick and mortar stores still selling them?

I certainly have not seen any in NY, OH, CA, or FL. There was one gas station that sold what appeared to be a “stimulant” which was more than likely some sort of cathinone or similar substance.

Bath Salts peaked in 2011 and are on the decline, which is a good thing given the potency of the, what are now Schedule I controlled substances. Prescription medication is much safer, right? Pharma is 100% aligned with the public interest and well being, right?

What do you guys think about the selling of bath salts?

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Federal Ban | Bath Salts

[UPDATE] bath salts have been banned. Well, the chemicals labeled as bath salts (methylone, mephedrone and MDPV) have been banned and categorized as a schedule I controlled substance. That’s jail time, folks. Be smart.

The federal ban on chemicals being labeled as “bath salts” is looming. Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. I can see how people can fall into the grips of a serious binge and dependency. The euphoria is great, but only last a few minutes to an hour. The urge to re-dose is very strong. If you haven’t any other obligations but smoke weed and lead a non-productive life, go for it, re-dose that shit.

These chemicals are going to be in high demand after the banning of these insane wave of very ridiculous synthetic drugs. Bath salts are a very unique beast. Unfortunately they got massive amounts of negative press because, well, most people are stupid… add this drug into the equation and you’ve got a delusional, disconnected, strung out moron.

We don’t sell anything that is illegal, in fact, we don’t sell anything. This is just a blog with a little bit of info, some stories with piss-poor journalistic integrity, and a whole lot of bullshit we like to write when we are completely sober. Drugs are bad… Get a fucking job and stop ruining your life and fucking up your families.

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DEA Cracking Down on Bath Salts

Erica Hill: There’s a new form of designer drug causing increasing concern among authorities. They’re called bath salts, but frankly, they are actually a dangerous stimulant, something closer to cocaine or meth. They’re believed to have caused at least four deaths in the US. And joining us now with more is medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. These have nothing to do with taking a relaxing bath with say some salts from the Dead Sea.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Correct, and the name sounds harmless. In reality, Erica, they are anything but harmless. These basically contain a designer or synthetic drug known as Mephedrone or MDPV. It’s an amphetamine. They’re marketed as bath salts and you can find them readily either online or in stores under name like Zoom2 or Aura. Our producer found them very easily in New York City. When she went in to ask for them she was told, ‘Wow, they’re flying off the shelf, it’s a good thing you’re getting these.’ Continue reading

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Bath Salts Have Been Dubbed Fake Cocaine

Bath salts have been dubbed fake cocaine. Incense and Spice are a type of synthetic marijuana. They’re legally sold on the internet and at many head shops and smoke shops but now two bills in the state legislature are aiming at taking those drugs off of store shelves.

Spice, K2, Herbal Incense, it’s legal. It’s easy to get.

Male: You just need someone 18 to go to any smoke shop and get it.

The drug mimics the effects of marijuana. Continue reading

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Delaware General Assembly Vote Against Bath Salts

Welcome to Update News Online.
Newsperson: A designer drug has quickly provoked an aggressive reaction from legislative hall. The drug sold under the moniker “Bath Salts” has been temporarily declared a controlled substance. Under an emergency ruling signed by Delaware Secretary of State Jeff Bollock, the order is in effect until January 2012 when the Delaware General Assembly will be looking to pass legislation banning the drug permanently. The stimulant which can be snorted, injected, smoked, and even mixed with food and drink can mimic the effects of drugs like cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, or methamphetamine. Bath salts can cause hallucinations, reduced motor control, chest pains, disorientation, extreme paranoia, convulsions, and violent episodes. They are also believed to have lead to numerous suicides. Poison centers have reported growing numbers of calls about the drug and many states across the country are looking for it to be banned. Continue reading

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Bath Salts Addiction

Addiction to methylone, MDPV or mephedrone, in my opinion and experience is not as bad as narcotics and cocaine. Despite the high accessibility, decreased risk of obtaining and low cost, these chemicals are not as gripping and emotionally taxing. However, I do know a lot people who have ruined their lives on these drugs. These people have strong addictions problems and zero self control.

In terms of recovery, coming down and going cold turkey, the effects are not nearly as painful as heroin or cocaine. One day of down time and recovery is all it takes, even after a week long binge. Perhaps these are just my experiences with observing other people. Continue reading

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Kenneth Albelli on Bath Salts

“For the third day in a row, Wilkes-Barre police arrested the same man for being out of control on bath salts, police say each time he admitted to using the drug and each time he was acting wild. Newswatch 16’s Jon Meyer live in Wilkes-Barre with the story, Jon.

Scott, Wilkes-Barre police say this is just one more example of bath salts causing someone to act crazy. Kenneth Albelli of Wilkes-Barre was arrested Monday, yesterday, then again today and police say two of those times, he had to be tasered to get him under control.

Kenneth Albelli of Wilkes-Barre was calm at his arraignment in Kingston.
Are you using the bath salts? Continue reading

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Miami Bath Salts

“Female: Now, to the case the whole country is talking about. While the toxicology report for Rudy Eugene has not been released yet, this week there has been a lot of talk about what type of drug might cause a man to engage in a cannibalistic attack. Health reporter Diana Gonzalez is here to help clear up the confusion about Bath Salts. Diana.

Diana Gonzalez: First of all, we are not talking about Epsom salts you put in the tub. This is a synthetic designer drug sold in head shops and convenient stores, until it was banned in Florida last year, but it’s readily available online. Continue reading

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Designer Drugs Bath Salts

“Female: And welcome back. Thanks for joining us today for our Live at Five segment. We have Dr. Michael Sevilla from Salem Community Hospital. Thank you for coming here today.

Dr. Michael Sevilla: Great to be here.

Female: Today, you’re here to talk with about the developing disturbing trend and that is Bath Salts, which we all know to be an illegal drug, but for those that might not know, can you tell us exactly what Bath Salts actually are? Continue reading

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Crazy Crimes on Bath Salts

“Josh: Now to a disturbing new warning about a dangerous synthetic drug known as Bath Salts. They have nothing to do with relaxing in the tub and everything to do with a surge of unspeakable crimes, including one recent and horrifying attack in Miami. ABC’s Jim Avila is in Washington now with the very latest here. Good morning, Jim.

Jim Avila: Good morning, Josh, a string of frightening attacks, some of them seem like science fiction, have police pointing directly at a cheap, widely available and dangerous drug. Continue reading

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16 Head Shops Banned

“Berkeley Brean: Rich and Lia, so far, every case against synthetic drugs has gone after the product, testing it to see if it has these synthetic compounds that mimic marijuana and cocaine, but the manufacturers just came up with different legal chemicals. This time the AG says he’s not concerned about the product, he’s going after the packager.

Eric Schneiderman: It is illegal in New York to misinform consumers. It is illegal to mislabel products. Continue reading

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You Could Die From This

“Female: You could die from this.

Male: It’s called Bath Salt. Drug counselors and cops say it’s the latest rage in the world of synthetic drugs, a world your kids may know too well.

Female: It’s being sold in what’s called Head Chops or in some states it’s even being sold in convenience stores.

Male: It comes in small packages costing anywhere from 30 to 50 bucks.

Female: It’s not really bath salt. Continue reading

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Utica Common Council Bans Bath Salts, OK is this news?

“Katie Corrado: The vote to ban the sale and possession of Bath Salts was unanimous. Common Councillor Jim McKenzie spearheaded the ordinance and says this city has to fight Bath Salts in every way it can.

Just yesterday, Utica police encountered a disturbed man who was saying he wanted to rip apart babies. Continue reading

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Enthusiasm to Buy Bath Salts Are At Its Peak

Presently, the craze among the individuals to buy bath salts is growing immensely. The bath salts are forms of drugs that leave bad effects on the human beings. It is necessary to check a product before you are purchasing it. However, no other alternative is there for you to check the nature of the bath salts like whether it is original or not. Therefore, it is advised that you should go purchasing these elements from an authorized dealer. Continue reading

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Amped Ladybug Attractant- A Synthetic Drug

amped ladybug attractant bath saltsAmped ladybug attractant is a specific type of synthetic drug that falls under the category “bath salts”. It is a matter worth mentioning that laws have taken its own course and disapproved certain chemicals within this particular compound. Amped ladybug attractant is camouflaged as cleaners, incense and plant foods. In most cases, Amped ladybug attractant carries warning labels that warn against human consumption. The labels however do not contain the list of ingredients present in the compound. Individuals can always inject, smoke and grunt the bath salts too. It is a regrettable fact as well that the chemicals that form a part of this Amped ladybug attractant can cause immense health problem to a concerned individual and even can kill. Remember, physicians find it truly difficult to figure out the exact constituents ingested and hence it is the sole responsibility of the concerned individual to figure out the constituents necessarily consumed. Rose remarks that the drugs are similar to that of time bombs. Continue reading

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